Thursday, April 14, 2022

Benzino Denies Laughing at Coi Leray

This week Source Magazine co-founder Raymond 'Benzino' Scott appeared to rub salt in the already wounded relationship he has with daughter Coi Leray after he appeared to laugh at the first week sales of her debut rap album [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

According to Benzino the Instagram account that was chuckling about Coi Leray no longer belongs to him. 


R in NYC said...

This is clean up week for him. I believe him about the fake Instagram but not about Shauna. He claims he never met her but later slipped up and said he hung out with the Trans.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this lying mothafucka. Does he have a drug problem? If he doesn't, then he sure behaves as if he does. At the heart of who Benzino is, I believe he's a good person but he has so much hate and bitterness inside of him and it creeps up and makes him behave erratically. Get that hate out your heart Benzino!

Get your life together Benzino and even at your big age, you can still turn it around. Get off social media and go fix shit with your family and especially your children!!! Be an example sir!

Anonymous said...

The police were waitin' when the sun came up
You better move your ass
Or we'll really get rough
I never wanted trouble
But I sure got enough
I'm bad at bein' subtle
But I ain't that tough, no
Just a victim of circumstance
Didn't you know
Just a victim of circumstance
Doesn't it show
I'm just a victim of circumstance
Wherever I go
Just a victim of bad reputation
I go no chance of shakin'

Anonymous said...

@ R, Your psychic powers are working overtime. Benzino did threaten to sue anyone defaming his name, and Snitch scrubbed the thread. @ R, please give me next weeks winning Lotto numbers.

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