Friday, April 22, 2022

Homeowner Calls the Police on Darius Cooks

Over the past few weeks popular online chef Darius Cooks has been getting roasted over an open flame after being accusing of scamming his customers and doxxing his critics [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Darius' antics are starting to catch up with him...

From Fox 5 Atlanta  

Online food personality Darius "Cooks" Williams may have violated multiple short-term rental rules plus a city ordinance when he hosted a paid event last month in Atlanta.
This comes one month after a Vrbo homeowner in Texas called police to have Williams removed when she realized what he was really doing in her home.
Williams, 40, charges $215 each for a seven-course meal he prepares and serves to customers in various cities around the country. The price is due to rise to $289 next year.
From March 17 to the 22, Williams held one of his Dining with Darius events in a house on Northside Drive in Collier Hills.
The house was booked through the short-term rental site Vrbo. House rules for that address forbid any "events" and limits the number of guests to eight.
Videos posted by participants show far more than that. Williams often sells 30 tickets per event.
In February, a Dallas, Texas Vrbo owner called police to remove Williams when she says she realized what he was doing with her home.
She said Williams had "blown the electrical system by hosting a commercial kitchen dinner" without her permission.
Instead, Williams made sure to go live on Instagram to accuse the homeowner of being the real bad guy.
He canceled the rest of the Dallas events, but some of his customers reached out online when they didn’t get promised refunds:
"No response from you at all and no refund for the two tickets I purchased. I am out $430 and a plane ticket."
"How long will it take to get my refund from the Dallas event?"
"He blocked me immediately without responding."