Sunday, April 17, 2022

Influencer Apologizes for Spreading Rihanna A$AP Rocky Cheating Rumors

Last week it was rumored that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky broke up after he was caught cheating [click here if you missed that]. 

One of the rumor spreaders has apologized...


Meanwhile Portuguese model Ayarla Souza has NOT retracted her claims the A$AP Rocky slipped in her DMs less than two weeks ago, and has been 'liking' Tweets congratulating her for telling her truth.


Anonymous said...

Loose lips sinks ships.

R in NYC said...

Ayarla Souza looks like the typical Insta-thot advertising her wares on the gram. A$ap Rocky definitely has a type.

Anonymous said...

I hope he's blackballed forever! He should be banned from working with or for anyone in the industry he was desperately attempting to get into. Treat like he has the plague!

Anonymous said...

Rapper Isaiah Rashad has addressed his leaked sex tape during his performance at Coachella.

The 30-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee native (real name Isaiah Joel McClain) had a sex tape released back in February that showed him engaging in sex acts with two men.

Rashad's intro video before his set featured other rappers such as The Game and Joe Budden reacting to the video and supporting Rashad, while he personally thanked fans during his set.

The King Of The Real said...

People gonna learn. STOP TALKING SHIT you dont know.

Alma's Daughter said...

Bet he did apologize. Don’t nobody want to end up broke and looking at jail time like Tasha K.

Anonymous said...

Asap Rocky did cheat and has been cheating for some time. The issue is the optics to release this before Rhianna gives birth was tasteless. We all knew that something was amiss because she is rarely seen with him since making the pregnancy announcement.

Lets just say, she wanted a baby and now she has one. Another single mother and fatherless child. Not a good look.

T said...

Rihanna can afford to raise a child on her own BUT I highly doubt that Rocky will not be in his child's life.

I think Ri will eventually marry but it will be a rich man.
That baby will be fine...better than most.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna is in her 3rd trimester. Her baby will be born in Barbados. She has a massive house there as well as her family as well all know. AsNap is not my cup of tea.
Rihanna needs a man who is weaker than her. She is down to earth but can go gutter nut in a split second. I'm sure the report got a call and a check. They hopped on a plane to try to fix it.
This story is no different than Kylie Jenner's!

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