Friday, April 08, 2022

Meagan Good Skips Divorce Court

Last year actress Meagan Good and her husband, Christian movie producer Devon Franklin, announced they were filing for divorce after just under ten years of marriage [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Devon is moving forward with the divorce proceedings on his own because Meagan is refusing to participate...

According to court documents obtained by Radar, DeVon is asking the judge presiding over his case to grant him a default since Meagan has not shown up to court.
DeVon says Meagan agreed to let him handle the paperwork on his own. His filing states they hashed out a deal regarding the division of their property and assets.
Per their agreement, they terminated the right to request spousal support and Meagan’s former name will be restored.
Records show after he filed his petition, he immediately handed over his financial information to his ex. Meagan never bothered hiring a lawyer nor has she filed anything on her own.
Now, DeVon is asking for the case to be finalized without the actress appearing before the judge. He alludes to a prenup or postnup checking the box that reads, “the issues subject to disposition by the court in this proceeding are the subject of a written agreement.”

The judge has yet to sign off. 


Anonymous said...

His "side piece" is getting messy about this taking so long.

Anonymous said...

she giving me Madame vibes

R in NYC said...

I really believe this was a contract bearded marriage.

Anonymous said...

Something is strange about this split. Was she caught cheating with a thug?

Anonymous said...

Sir, if there's a prenup, what the fuck is the point????? Get your default judgment and stfu! I hope Meagan learned a valuable lesson because this man used her for a status bump. She was bleaching her skin because Devon fucks with white girls & mexicans. Women should never marry a man like that.

TRACI404 said...

He just wants out. Give the man his freedom.

Me said...

This dude is a fag

Anonymous said...

@Anon-6:47 So Right!!!! He's a clout chasing narcissist too. Glad Meagan has moved on.

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