Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Nicki Minaj Wants Lawyer of Hubby's Rape Accuser Sanctioned

Two months ago rapper Nicki Minaj vowed to punish attorney Tyrone Blackburn after he represented Jennifer Hough, the woman who was raped by Nicki's husband in high school, but tried to sue him for harassment after claiming Nicki, her husband and fans were trying to bully her into silence about the decades old incident [click here if you missed that]

Nicki follows through...

From Billboard

When Minaj was dropped from the case in January, a leaked email showed Burstein telling Blackburn that he would “make you pay” for filing a lawsuit that allegedly drained Minaj of $300,000 in legal bills.
In the new filing, Burstein made good on that threat with accusations of a wide-range of misconduct against Blackburn. For instance, he said the opposing lawyer falsely claimed in legal documents that Minaj was a member of Queens street gang called the Makk Ballers – a move Burstein called “a bad faith effort to generate extremely negative media coverage.”
The filing also accused Blackburn of including false claims against Burstein himself, like a letter filed on a public court docket that accused Burstein of having a “sick obsession” with the wife of Steven Gordon, one of Hough’s former attorneys. Burstein called that claim “outrageous” and “designed solely to harass him and tar his reputation.”
“He is arrogantly and incomprehensibly contending that his conduct in this case was appropriate,” Burstein wrote. “He should not be permitted to walk away from this Court believing that he is free to victimize Ms. Maraj a second time with the same baseless claims.”


The King Of The Real said...

She ride or die for some rapist & pedos

Anonymous said...

Nicki M. is in luv with B.D.E., and all the mo lesters around her have it.

Anonymous said...

There are so many handsome, talented men, she could have chosen to be her lap dawg. They would have kept they mouth shut about her personal affairs, not ruined her image, got her pregnant and not cost her thousands of dollars in lawyer fees.

R in NYC said...

Her husband always looks sour faced and angry in every photo.

Anonymous said...

If I were Nicki, I would leave well enough alone and count her blessings. Fuck around and open pandora's box.

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