Thursday, May 05, 2022

New Boyfriend's Family Says Thandie Newton Looks Crazy

Last week actress Thandiwe Newton went public with her new boytoy, musician Elijah 'Lonr' Dias [click here if you missed that]. 

Elijah's family says Thandwie looks crazy and that he would never settle for her...

From The Sun
Elijah is just four years older than Thandiwe and Ol’s eldest child, 21-year-old daughter Ripley.
Speaking exclusively to The Sun on Sunday from his New York home, Elijah’s step-dad Jimmy Varner, 58, said his family found out about their romance through the media.
Jimmy boasted that LA-based Elijah “knows what to do with an older woman” but doesn’t believe he will ever settle down with the Line of Duty actress.
The ex-husband of Elijah’s mum Mikelyn Roderick, 63, and dad to his singer-songwriter half-sister Elle Varner, said: “My advice to Thandiwe is ‘go get him tiger’ if that’s what she wants.
“Lord have mercy on her - and him.
“She looks crazy as hell to me. All the pretty ones are crazy like that.
“But when he’s ready to settle down and be having kids, he ain’t going to settle for her.