Friday, July 15, 2022

Wendy Williams Causes Concern After Profane Interview

This week Wendy Williams raised eyebrows after she kept repeating that she wanted to fxck during an interview [click here if you missed that]. 

Insiders are concerned about Wendy's behavior...

From The Sun
Sources close to the former queen of daytime TV expressed their worry exclusively to The Sun about Wendy's most recent disturbing interview, in which she repeatedly said she wants "to f***."
One source close to Wendy called the interview "heartbreaking."
That insider revealed that despite her consistent talk about her other passion project- a potential podcast- there are still no deals in place and major podcast carriers have passed on working with her.
One insider told The Sun: "These interviews are just heartbreaking and she still doesn’t have a podcast deal. Most big companies have passed, they don’t want her drama and no one believes she will do the work each day."
A second source close to Wendy told The Sun: "There is no date for when this podcast is supposed to happen.
"I can't see her being able to put on a podcast. It's weird she is even being put out for these interviews. They're disturbing. It just becomes clearer she isn't ready," the insider added.