Saturday, August 27, 2022

Nappy Roots Kidnapping an Inside Job?

Less than two weeks ago Scales, from the Atlanta hip hop collective Nappy Roots, was kidnapped from his popular neighborhood brewery 'Atlantucky' and later shot during a botched robbery  [click here if you missed that].' 

Now it looks like it may have been an inside job...

From TMZ
According to the police docs obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Scales was leaving his ATL brewery Atlantatucky, along with his friend Britt Robinson, to get food. When Robinson was delayed for several minutes outside, Scales went out to check on him.
Scales told police that's when an armed robber surprised him, pointed a gun at him and demanded cash as he forced Scales back inside the brewery.
Robinson was still outside when he called 911 and told dispatch multiple suspects took his gun and house keys before they went after Scales, demanding he open the safe inside Atlantatucky.
Robinson says he saw the shooter talking on a phone during the robbery ... possibly getting cues on where the money was located.
When the robbers returned with Scales, they were adamant about going to to get more money -- the cashless brewery only had $20 to $30 -- and they knew Scales' address.
After loading into the car, Scales said the robbers demanded to enter his home, and the second suspect Taser'd him in the back of the head.
Scales began to run, and ran far enough to realize he wasn't being followed. The Nappy Roots rapper then found the closest house, banged on the door and asked the owners to call cops.
Scales also told officers he was dealing with a disgruntled employee less than a year ago, but couldn't recall the person's name. He also suspects one of the robbers was attempting to mask their voice.


Anonymous said...

Yeah he knew who did that.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say at this point especially in Atlanta, you have to be a one-person business/service at this point, no employees, and that's not even a guarantee of safety.

Anonymous said...

Until we deal with and expose the true bullshit that goes on within our own communities, Blacks Lives Don't Matter. And we all better take a good look at the truth and stop lying to ourselves. This shit is sickening. There are enough opportunities for everyone to get a pot but instead, some of you would rather stick up your own brotha or sista. There is no way you can logically defend the type of shit we're reading in this article.

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