Monday, August 15, 2022

Taye Goes with Apryl to Get a Tattoo

Taye Diggs offers moral support for girlfriend Apryl Jones while she gets tattooed down her spine...


Unknown said...

I heard some tattoo parlors will use local anesthesia :-/
Anywhere on the body that has less flesh is gonna hurt like hell. A girl once told me, after tatting her hand and fingers, that the pain was so intense, she saw God lol.

R in NYC said...

I just don't understand going through unnecessary pain.
Not for me. Carry on.
Taye seems happy with her and I'm surprised they are still kicking it. Tyrese could learn a few things from Taye.

Anonymous said...

My question is "who paid for it" Apryl broke

Anonymous said...

You Not supposed to mark your body.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what she got on her back. I have 36 tattoos nothing near my spine.

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