Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Apollo Violated Gag Order for RHOA Appearance

Last week former Real Housewives of Atlanta fan favorite Phaedra Parks' ex husband Apollo Nida appeared on RHOA and accused Phaedra of leaving him to rot in prison [click here if you missed that]. 

Apollo needs to watch his mouth...

“Apollo has some nerve showing up and talking negatively about Phaedra when she’s done nothing but help him in his lifetime,” a source close to Parks tells Page Six exclusively. “Her friends are furious.”
The insider further claims, “Phaedra paid every one of his legal bills and, because of his guilt, he still went to prison. He will owe her for the rest of his life.”
“The last thing [Nida] should be doing is talking negatively to anyone about her, especially since there is a legal agreement in their divorce decree that neither of them will ever speak disparagingly about one another. He doesn’t seem to be able to follow the rules even now.”
The insider surmises that Nida’s decision to discuss the matter “comes down to his need for attention,” elaborating, “He realizes the only way that he’s going to get any press is to talk about Phaedra.”