Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chris Brown Dealing with Another Crazed Stalker

Chris Brown has more than his share of crazed fans [click here and here if you missed that], but his latest fan encounter really crosses the line... 


Anonymous said...

Chris be laughing at these fools but he needs to take them seriously. I like Chris Brown but other than the stalkers he's messing himself up with those drugs.

Anonymous said...

He messing himself up?
What kind of drugs are his fans using cause it’s obviously stronger than what he uses. Sheesh! That don’t make any sense. He needs better security asap! I may have issues with certain people things he does but I want him to be safe. It would break my heart if something happens to him. Watch yourself, Chris.

These fans ain’t loyal!

R in NYC said...

That's some grade A crackery right there. Fandom is never that serious

Anonymous said...

I watched him on Drink Champs. He couldn't sit still. I never seen a person doing an interview that twisted and twinked the way he did. It made me feel uncomfortable.

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