Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Ava Louise Doubles Down on Blac Chyna Hostage Claims

This week Blac Chyna fired off a cease and desist letter to social media influencer Ava Louise after she accused Blac Chyna of holding her hostage and trying to force her into sex trafficking [click here if you missed that]. 

Ava doubles down and lawyers up...

From TMZ
Ava Louise is sticking by her side of the story ... she says she believes she would have been the victim of a sex crime or been set up to engage in sex acts for money if she didn't find a way off Blac Chyna's property.
Ava’s lawyers, Eric Mintz and Jason S. Ziven just fired back at BC, with her attorneys claiming Ava contacted the FBI sex trafficking hotline within hours of the alleged incident, resulting in Ava filing an official report with the feds. In her legal team's response, obtained by TMZ, Ava claims Blac Chyna invited Ava to BC's L.A. home under the guise of discussing a music collaboration.
But during the alleged encounter, Ava says it became clear to her BC had no intention on discussing a professional collab, but rather Ava was being set up for involvement in some type of nonconsensual sex encounter or sex-for-money scheme.
Ava claims BC repeatedly asked Ava if she was transgender and if she had ever worked as an escort ... and Ava says when she told BC she was not an escort someone on FaceTime with BC laughed and said, "You are now!"
What's more, Ava says she felt intimidated and scared, claiming when her Uber arrived BC pulled her into the bathroom and shut the door and manipulated her into staying. Ava says two men were posted outside the bathroom door, and she was only able to leave once Blac Chyna "became overly intoxicated."