Sunday, October 16, 2022

Game Accuser Hires Private Investigator

Four years ago rapper Game was ordered to pay Priscilla Rainey $7 million after she sued him for unwanted sexual advances after appearing on his reality TV dating show 'She Got Game [click here if you missed that].' 

Now Priscilla has hired a private investigator to help collect the dough...

According to court documents obtained by, Priscilla Rainey recently informed the court of the development while explaining why the Compton-born rapper has yet to be served.
Over the past year, Rainey has tried to go after The Game’s businesses and even his Cameo profits. In recent court docs, Rainey revealed she has only been able to collect $258,058 from The Game but is still owed $6,872,041.
“In an attempt to personally serve Taylor, Plaintiff has had a process server approach the location on six separate occasions between October 15, 2021, and November 3, 2021, but was unable to gain access to the property or response to the call box at the gate,” the filing read.
As first reported, Rainey filed a new lawsuit in September accusing The Game of creating shell companies to hide assets from being seized.
The other defendants include JTT Holdings, Inc, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment and Pass Go 2 Win LLC. The Game’s manager Cash M. Jones was also named as a defendant.
Further, she told the court that she was unable to seize The Game’s Calabasas mansion because the deed was transferred into Jones name. The Game reportedly still lives in the home. She said Jones is paying the mortgage on the home with money she believes he collected on behalf of his client.
The lawsuit has been at a standstill because Rainey has been unable to serve The Game or Jones. She said she hired a private investigator accusing the defendants of evading service.


Anonymous said...

He has been flashing, bragging and lying for years. Get him girl.

Anonymous said...

WTF go get Cardi lawyers, why hasn't he been forced to pay for a bond. I hope he goes bankrupt.

Kendall said...

I wonder if Da Brat's victim is still having trouble collecting as well.

Anonymous said...

It shouldnt be hard to serve him since he is still performing at medium sized nightclubs with the same 3 tired @$$ songs from that first album.

Just buy a ticket, put a mask on and go serve him. It cant be no more than 50 dollars to see The Game in 2022.

Who the heck is representing this lady? Elmer Fudd? He shoulda BEEN served by now.

Anonymous said...

@2:03 PM......EXACTLY!!

Anonymous said...

Kendall, I heard Da Brat's wife paid the woman off.

Anonymous said...

Going after him will cost money that she probably doesn't have. Not everyone's pockets are deep.

Anonymous said...

@2:03 pm LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I don't normally post but you said something right there! I don't know his music but I'm sick of these so-called stars.

Anonymous said...

Way to Protect 'The Bag' GAME! Keep SHAKIN' 'EM.

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