Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Juan Dixon Accused of Coverup at Coppin State

Coach Juan Dixon, known to many as the long time fiancé of Real Housewives of Potomac cast mate Robyn Dixon, is accused of engaging in a cover-up after one of his coaching staff was as accused of sexual misconduct with a player...

A Coppin State University assistant basketball coach catfished a player online into providing intimate photos and texts, then blackmailed him into videotaping a sexual encounter before publicizing the material when the player resisted further demands for sex, a lawsuit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court alleges.
The legal complaint says “by information and belief” Lucian Brownlee, a former guard who served as Director of Player Development and Director of Basketball Operations, harassed, tormented and sexually assaulted the player, Ibn Williams, before publishing intimate material he had obtained from the student.
Coppin Basketball Coach Juan Dixon, who is named in the complaint, allegedly failed to take action when informed of Brownlee’s actions.
A legendary figure in Baltimore and beyond, Dixon is the former University of Maryland standout and NBA player who Coppin hired in the spring of 2017.


The King Of The Real said...

Bruh, This is sick

R in NYC said...


Anonymous said...

Wonder how Robyn is going to answer to this one since she has so much to say about everyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

Please correct the typos on this post. The title spells Choppin not Coppin and his name is Juan not Jaun.

The first sentence should be "known" and not "know."


Anonymous said...

^ thanks for correcting this sensitive acting Snitch that wants to delete comments that she doesn't like and giving the blog rules. She can't even spell. Delete her immediately and bring back the other Snitches before her.
This man is trying to keep his job since no one else is hiring him. He has a family to feed. Let the coach get the axe and go to jail.
The student is stupid for doing this act of sexual misconduct. How many times has this happened? When will ppl learn to keep their sexual organs off the net. Serves him right. Put your pee-pee/boo-ta hole on Fans Only or whatever that website is called and get paid for showing off your wears. Simps all day, every day.

Sunno said...

Guess who's husband's getting put to the fire next season on RHOP.

Anonymous said...

Juan is ragidy. The way his ex wife is in no rush to remarry or stamp his 440 credit score name on her house speaks to the streets can have him.

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