Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Odell Beckham Suing Nike

Odell Beckham files a lawsuit against Nike for withholding $20 million from his endorsement deal... 

From TMZ
The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, was filed by 30-year-old Beckham Jr.'s attorney, Daniel Davillier, laid out their claims against the shoewear giant.
Odell claims once his original Nike deal expired in 2017, he considered jumping ship to Adidas ... who offered him a huge contract. Not wanting to lose a marquee talent, Odell says Nike exercised their right to match the Adidas deal. But, he claims the fine print was different ... and it wasn't truly the same deal.
Beckham Jr. says the way the Nike deal was structured made it nearly impossible for him to trigger very valuable extensions of the deal.
OBJ says the relationship with Nike began to sour around March 2022 when he was due a payment of around $2.6 million. But, he claims, without any warning, the company withheld more than $2 million of the payment.
He later learned Nike withheld the money because the company said he committed footwear and glove violations when he altered his equipment towards the end of last season.