Monday, November 30, 2009

Serena Williams Gets Record Fine

Remember back in September when Serena blasted on the line judge during the US Open [click here if you missed that]? Well it's time to pay the piper. Serena was hit with a record breaking $82,500.00 fine, almost double the previous largest fine. Serena is also on probation for the next four Grand Slam events and if she gets in trouble again could be barred from the next US Open and fined as much as $175,000.00.

Rihanna Storms Out

Last Friday Baby from Cash Money Records paid a small fortune in order to get Rihanna to show up for the London album release party of his new artist Jay Sean. Too bad that shortly after she got there the DJ put on a Chris Brown record and she turned right aroung and left.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiger Says and Pictures from the Crash

Tiger Woods was overheard telling a pal that his wife went 'ghetto on him' and that he was going to have to go to Zales to pick up a Kobe special. A Kobe special huh? Admission of guilt much? Plus Tiger and his wife have so far refused to talk to investigators in an effort, I suppose, to keep Mrs. Woods from ending up a felon like Chris Brown.

More pictures after the jump

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods Wife Kicked His Ass

Two days after The National Enquirer broke the news that Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife, Tiger had a 'mysterious accident' at the foot of his driveway. Initial reports were that Tiger had somehow crashed into a firehydrant at the end of his driveway and then somehow crashed into a tree and that his wife had used a golf club to smash out the back window of his SUV in order to free him from the truck. What really [allegedly] happened was Tiger's wife confronted him about his cheating, scratched up his face, chased him out of the house and smashed out the windows of his truck with a 9 iron.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chris Brown

is scheduled to go on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts week after next. This will be Chris' first interview since Rihanna threw him under the bus on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. Will Chris return the favor?

In Case You Missed It: Beyonce's Thanksgiving Special

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Usher's New Tameka

People around Usher are drawing comparisons between his new girlfriend, Def Jam exec Grace Miguel, and his ex-wife Tameka. First of all Grace, though estranged from her husband, is still married just like Tameka was. Grace at 42 is older than Usher, just like Tameka was and she reportedly doesn't get along with his mother, just like Tameka didn't. People say Grace and Usher's mom are butting heads because Grace has been making more and more decisions concerning Usher's career even though she works for Def Jam, which is seen as a conflict of interest because Usher's contract is with Jive.

Oprah to The Rescue

Do you remember last year when that boutique in Wisconsin sued Oprah's mother for $155,000.00 because she'd stopped paying on her open credit line [click here if you missed that]? Fuggetaboutit. The boutique says Oprah recently settled the debt and though they wouldn't disclose details, admitted they would be receiving at least some of what was owed.
At the time, in her counter suit against the boutique, Oprah's mom Vernita argued she was not responsible for the debt, instead blaming the boutique for extending her that large a credit limit knowing full well the troubles she's had in the past with paying her bills on time [click here if you missed that].

New Music from Sade

Sade Adu is releasing her first cd in 10 years. Soldier of Love will be available Valentines Day 2010.

Kanye West Sighting

Kanye is in Paris. More pictures here

They Say

Keyshia Cole is pregnant by her boyfriend Cleveland Cavalier Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Tyler Perry

donated $1 million dollars to the NAACP.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Now that Oprah has said she's not going to continue her talk show after 2011, CBS is already talking greasy about how they don't need her anyway. In a memo leaked to the press CBS says, "We think Oprah's significance is likely overblown for CBS. So while the loss of a longstanding distribution deal is disappointing for CBS, it's hardly a material hit to the numbers, in our view." The note went on to say they earn far more from Judge Judy and Entertainment Tonight than they do from Oprah.

Which One of Your Favorite Rappers is Broke as Hell?

click here

Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes?

Fantasia Barrino says bump what you've heard. She is not messing around with a married man and she did not have his name tattooed on her shoulder. Fantasia told Honey Magazine, " Yes, [the rumors] were all really cute to me. I guess it was something about a guy from T-Mobile? Inaccurate. He was hot, but I think I’m looking for my own man. There’s no boo in my life, I’m married to my career. Right now I’m not really focused on a boyfriend; we all know what happens when you get them… I have no tattoo on my shoulder, [that rumor] was very well put together! I wear my body out more purposefully now and when I’m walking I see people checking, “Like does she have a tattoo there?” As a matter of fact, I’ve never even [met him] before. I think I’d want to be with a guy who’s in the same tax bracket as I am … or higher!"

Read the interview in its entirety here

Raymond v Raymond Pushed Back

Usher's new cd Raymond v Raymond will not be coming out until sometime next year. Originally scheduled to be released around Christmas, it's now been shelved indefinitely and according to his label it's because the disk is so good. Huh? Yeah. Usher's reps told MTV, “We believe that the album is so strong that we want to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup before coming out.”

Shots Fired

People are still rumbling over the American Music Awards. After Jay Z won the award for Favorite Rap Male Artist, he gave his acceptance speech and at the end said, "Men lie, women lie but numbers don't" and then laughed into the camera. Now since 50 Cents new cd sold a paltry 150,000 copies when it was released last week, it's a safe bet that Jay was taking a shot at Fif who's been running around with Beanie Sigel dissing Jay on any radio station that will let them get on. So yesterday LL Cool J weighed in on his Twitter saying, "numbers don't lie but the people counting them might." I'm guessing L is still a little salty about the whole Jay Z Def Jam presidency thing. [click here if you missed that]

Timbaland Distances Himself From Chris Brown

Chris Brown was supposed to be on a track with Timbaland called Maniac. After thinking better of it and changing the name of the song to The One I Love, they finally decided to just take Chris off the track altogether. While insiders swear it's because of the controversy currently swirling around Chris, the official line is that they did it because of a "creative decision for both parties" adding, "There's nothing against Chris. We love Chris." And it's just a coincidence that Timaband's and Chris' cds are both being released on December 8. <--yeah right.

Day 26 Left Bad Boy Records

and went where? They told, "Bad Boy is always our family, but we're with Atlantic right now." Well, good luck with that.

Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan Planning Small Wedding

Nicole Murphy told People Magazine "It's my second time around, and I had the big extravagant wedding when I got married to Eddie. I want to do something really simple. I want the dress to be flowy and elegant, and I'd love all the guests to wear cream, and no shoes on the beach." Nicole and Michael are set to marry June 10, 2010.

Jennifer Hudson

is scheduled to sing at the White House for the President and Mrs. Obama and their guests at a state dinner tonight.

Rihanna Says

"It was like: 'Of course she had to give Jay-Z oral sex to get that deal.' That rumour was everywhere in Barbados and it was so disgusting. It made me feel really weird. I would even be weird around Jay-Z. I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye. One day, he called and he was like, 'Yo, you can't buy into these rumours. You can't let people move you with anything they say.' The rumours got very funny to me after that."

Click here for pictures of Rihanna signing her new cd that she did not have to give oral sex to get tracks for.

Video Footage of Members of Fabolous' Entourage Driving off With a Stolen Lambo

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kelis Dropped a New Single Today

click on her picture to hear it.

Blind Item Guess

Diddy and Cassie. What blind item? Click here

Dr. Conrad Murray

is returning to his practice in Houston today. Also, Katherine Jackson is seriously considering filing a wrongful death suit against him.

Let's Get Ready to Rum-ble!

DMX is getting sued y'all. Remember that celebrity boxing match he was supposed to be participating in and bragged about how he wasn't going to train for the fight because he has a natural gift for kicking ass, and then when he found out the match was real and that he wasn't "scheduled" to win he backed out [click here if you missed that]? Well the boxing promoters are suing The Dog for $1 million dollars. My advice to X, who also just got nabbed by the IRS for failure to pay $1.5 million in back taxes, just fight and take the L, dude.

Rihanna Says

"He has to be good in bed and the size matters. You know what I mean? The inner beauty counts as well, but without a toy it doesn't make it fun. Right now I don't want to have a serious relationship, I want to have fun. I love flirting at the moment. I'm single and I'm enjoying my freedom. But I don´t give my phone number out that often. But if I'm dating, I check the boy from the top to the bottom."

Another Diss Record from Beanie Sigel

AJ Jewell's Body to Be Exhumed

After the Fulton County Medical Examiner ruled AJ's death a homicide, but added the stipulation that it may not have happened if not for his existing medical issues, namely sickel cell disease and an enlarged heart, his family requested a second autopsy.

American Music Awards Performances

Janet Jackson

Jennifer Lopez [falls on her ass at 3:05]


Jay Z and Alicia Keys

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jayson Williams Not Taking Plea Deal

Yesterday reports claimed former NBA star Jayson Williams would cop to a guilty plea and do up to 18 months on an obstruction of justice charge, stemming from the cover up of the accidental shooting of his limo driver back in 2002. Today it was revealed that Jayson would not plead out and that his hearing has been put off indefinitely. No reason for the postponement has been given.

Blind Item Guesses

#1 - tweener: Adrienne Eliza Bailon
#2 - former D list reality boyfriend : Rob Kardashian
#3 - B list rapper : Fabolous

What blind item you ask? Click here

Diddy Says

"I've never had any problem with Shyne. I've never had any problem with him, I was looking forward to him coming home and just getting out here and letting people see what I saw. I think (his career) was cut down too early, people never got a chance to see what I saw. I never wish bad on anybody, I only wish somebody the best and I hope he gets to come back to the United States, he did his time, he deserves to come back."

Street Family Back in Business

Everybody knows rapper Fabolous runs with a stick-up gang called The Street Family [click here if you didn't]. Well, the latest caper pulled by The Family is coming back to haunt Fab. Surveillance video from valet parking at the Intercontinental Hotel in Atlanta show members of Fab's entourage snagging the keys to a blue Lamborghini and driving off with it. Investigators on the case trying to subpoena Fab for questioning have been thwarted by the District Attorney who instead is offering immunity to anyone who can assist in the case. The Lambo owner is suing the hotel over the theft.

The Oprah Winfrey Show Dunzo

Days after rumors swirled of falling ratings on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah announced she will be ending the chat fest in 2011.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

According to reports several unlit molotov cocktails were found outside T.I.'s Grand Hustle recording studios. Hmmm. Who has a grudge against Grand Hustle?

Janet Jackson on Good Morning America

Who Chris Browned Their Lover?

click here

They Say

Fantasia stole somebody's man and tattooed his name on her shoulder. Some dude, last name Cook, left his wife and 1 and 4 year old kids to be with Fanny. Moved into her North Carolina mansion and everything.

Nivea Did Not Have Her Baby

Toni Braxton Says

“I’m newly separated – no-one really knows what went wrong [I can think of one reason. click here]. My husband and I are still cool – we get along great. But that could become challenging. If things go further, you may read about some things… things will have to be split and all of that.”

Dr. Conrad Murray

is suing AEG for breach of contract claiming he was never paid the $300,000.00 he was promised for providing medical care for Michael Jackson.

Tameka Raymond on The B Scott Show

Mashonda Getting Ready to Bring the Pain

Beans Still Going at Jay

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AJ Jewell's Death Ruled a Homicide

The Fulton County Medical Examiner has ruled the death of Real Housewife of Atlanta Khandi Burruss' ex-fiance' AJ Jewell's a homicide caused by a "Physical altercation resulting in sickle cell trait related exertional collapse." Contributing factors are listed as, "intestinal myocardial fidrosis," as well as an enlarged heart. AJ died shortly after he got into a bar fight with strip club manager Frederick Richardson. Frederick had been released on bond pending the results of the autopsy.

Damon Dash on Roc A Fella

Not a Good Week for The Reid Men

Not if what Diary of a Hollywood Street King says is true. First L A Reid's son Aaron had his tiny peen splashed all over the Internet by a disgruntled groupie [click here if you missed that] and now there's word L A will soon be out of a job. Not a lot of details though because, you know, it's gossip.

It's a Boy

Congratulations to Lil Wayne and Nivea on Wayne's second son this year.

There's a Reason Mary, There is a Reason

spotted here via here

The Wendy Williams Show

got picked up for two more years.

Who Knew Aaron Hall was a Dog Whisperer?

Larry Johnson

who was just dropped by the Kansas City Chiefs for making gay slurs, has been picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Darius McCrary

alleged husband of Superhead, has joined the cast of daytime soap opera The Young and The Restless. Darius will take on the role of Malcolm Winters. His first air date is Dec 29.

Jennifer Hudson

won the starring role in a film about Nelson Mandela's former wife Winnie Mandela. 'Winnie' begins production in South Africa May 30.

Beyonce Crowd Surfing in London

Regardless of What You May Have Heard

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are not back together. JJ went on a radio station in Atlanta yesterday and referred to JD as her 'ex' saying, "I'm not the type of girl that stays in touch with an ex like that. [But] Jermaine is one of my best friends. I love him to death. We're still connected. We're still good friends. We still talk... We're there for one another. I think it will remain that way for the rest of my life."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rick Ross Baby Mama and 50

Pay Cut for Oprah?

Word around the block is, when or if Oprah renews her contract in 2011 it won't be for nearly much as she gets now because ratings are waaaay down.

Don't Feel Bad if You have Cellulite

Rihanna has it too.