Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mariah Tells Nick to Stay Away for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is you as long as your name is not Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey bans Nick Cannon from family Christmas celebration…

From E! News
"The original plan had been for the whole family to spend Christmas together in Colorado," a source told us. "However, Mariah has now asked Nick not to come."
So what was Mariah's reasoning behind the seemingly last-minute decision?
"It's based on a few things," the source explained. "For starters, they spent Thanksgiving together and fought behind the scenes. How is it healthy for the kids if both parents are technically in the same place but fighting?"


Anonymous said...

Since I seem to be the only one here, on behalf of all the readers...who gives a flying fu*k what these two do. There's enough family drama at regular peoples houses than to be concerned with these two Birds! :-p
Oh...and Merry Christmas everyone!

CaliGemm said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nick needs to get a hint , mariaha divorced him. Stay away, she can handle the kids just fine.

Anonymous said...

I loved these two as a couple. Such a shame they didn't and couldn't work things out. Was hoping they'd get back together, but after reading this story and various others it looks like they're completely done! Sad!

Anonymous said...

Nick needs to get a hint , mariaha divorced him. Stay away, she can handle the kids just fine.
Now, if Nick turned his back on his children you would be slaming him. gtfoh

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