Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From Raz B

Apparently everybody is on the GD naughty list this year.

Santa delivers second unwanted celebrity sex tape for Christmas…

Early this morning Santa Claus dropped off a celebrity sex tape starring Raz B and the boniest white girl he could find over at World Star Hip Hop.

And unlike the still photos released last night from Usher and Tameka Raymond's x-tape [click here if you missed that], this one includes the full monty and live action.

Merry phucking Christmas.


Anonymous said...

It's gross.

It's SOOOOOO gross.

It's like one of those old ass vintage porn tapes made at woodstock by an interracial couple happy that they can be "legit" in the public eye.

And that niqqa couldn't even get a stiffy; I wonder is she not young enough...

Anonymous said...

This shit was nasty his dick was sleep the whole time!
they look like drug fiends take they finale hit for the night.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! The girl looks like a bony crack head and this nigga got a limp ass dick! These two bottom feeders had the nerve to make a sex tape! Niggers stay losing!!

Anonymous said...

poor guy...obviously something happened to him in that child group. why won't anyone help him :(

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching after he appeared with those blood shot raccoon eyes. Apparently they're both on something and I couldn't finish watching. After reading those comments on WSHH, I'm glad I didn't watch the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

ita with u @10:19pm
it was 1 of the most saddest, most uncomfortablest pornos Ive ever seen
And those niggas over at wshh was clowning him saying he allowed Chris Stokes and Marques Houston make his ass bleed when they raped him as a young teeneager.
Them muthafuckas was actually laughing about the rape and told Raz B to call Chris and Marques up for some more dyck

Im looking 4ward to The Creator clearing out this cesspool of these brand new type of breeds on this earth
Not the victims but the predators and the ones who support them

Anonymous said...


First of all, he didn't get hard because it wasn't a man.

Why are you sharing a cigarette?

This video was beyond Ew.

Anonymous said...

That broke down dorm room and twin bed, plus these two look nasty. Everything in this video looked stink! With his soft dick ass!

Anonymous said...

I know that it is too early for tea but I gotta say this. T.U.G. Entertainment was full of nothing but fucked up individuals. I used to date a guy who was signed to a development deal to T.U.G. He and his group opened up for Chris Brown around 2007-08, pre-Fist Brown years, before his beatdown years. They had mad groupies and were all colorstruck as hell. In fact the guy that I dated was dark-skinned and he though he was ugly because he was dark and he hated dark-skinned girls ad dark-skined Black people but his two other brothers were light-skinned with light-eyes.

During intercourse, this guy snuck his condom off and forced himself in me as I fought him off. I was able to push him off, thankfully. But he gave me an STD. I never reported this because I was scared of how I would have been perceived. I wanted to hide it from my parents. I wanted to hide it from everybody.

I have learned from my mistake of dealing with a nasty bastard like him. My advice to you girls stay the fuck away from ATHLETES AND MEN IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Most of them are fucked in the head, they think because they have money or connections that women should bow down to them. Most of them are morally corrupted, abusive, uneducated and mentally unstable.

Fuck all of that "Jhene Aiko" is my cousin shit that one of the TUG guys spoke about. I will not be surprised if Jhene and her sister had to have all the TUG dudes run trains on them in order for them to get record deals. Hell, I won't be surprised if they raped Aiko!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the video seeing this post if the 1st I've heard of it...but it's obvious that something is wrong with him...and has been for some time now. I truly believe that something happened to him back when he was in B2K...cause most Males would not come out and say that they were molested or raped.

Anonymous said...


That is very brave of you to speak about your assault.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:22 I'm sorry to hear that and hope that you do find the courage to speak up about it even if its to a rape victims' support group.

Your ex is a monster and eventually he'll end up in jail and it will be divine justice when he's handed his just desserts in there.

Anonymous said...

This is the softest 'sex' tape of the decade. Under-performance at it's finest!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:22 i believe every word. there is something truly evil about the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...


This is 9:22.

I don't work in the entertainment industry but I am an artist (a visual artist) and I have been all of my life. Many of the people in my circle from middle and higher work in the entertainment industry or they are trying to break into the entertainment industry and let me just say, they really and truly got issues.

I dated a guy that I had to let go who worked as a creative designer for some artists on G.O.O.D. music. That dude, I swear, is bipolar. He says he is ADHD, he smokes weed, but he has outbursts and bad nerves. Plus he knows Kanye and he thinks Koonye is a humble guy---no surprise because he is as arrogant and delusional as Koonye.

I have an old HS friend, who I still keep in contact with who worked as a reporter/correspondent for Necole Bitchie. She's a beautiful brown-skinned girl and strives to be positive but she dates nothing but white guys because she has wanted to be white since middle and still acts like it (Lord, she's 30!!!!!). She seems very fake and contrived.

I had a friend that competed on America's Next Top Model and was actually in the top six but she didn't win and she turned into a huge meth addict. I have known her since middle school and she was a model since she was 14.

I have a friend who is trying to break into acting and has been but now she is on drugs.

Pretty much all of my friends in the arts are on drugs or have been on drugs and I had to push them away.

My brother is in the performing arts and he has two friends that made it but one if washed up. The washed up one is depressed because he can't get gigs and is needy. The other one is okay, though but had to leave Hollywood because she got sick of agents asking for sexual favors.

I mean, really, this is why you don't see people like Tia & Tamera or Mandy Moore on the A-list in Hollywood because they have morals and family. They are religious (or spiritual), they are positive, and they seem to be all about family and just doing their work. They don't seem greedy or desperate for attention. Honest people like them don't make it in Hollywood because they aren't snakes.

You have to be narcissistic, greedy, self-absorbed, and damn-near sociopathic to make it to the A-list in Hollywood these days and this is why Madonna stays at the top, and this is why Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, are on top and what all four of them have in common is that they have overexaggerated talent.

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