Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mariah Carey Planning a Wedding in Tahiti?

Despite the fact both of them are still very married to other people [click here if you missed that], insiders claim Mariah Carey and her billionaire fiancée James Packer are planning a wedding in Tahiti...

 From Page Six
Wedding plans are already in full swing for Mariah Carey and her Aussie billionaire beau James Packer after their January engagement — and while Carey’s being coy, sources tell Page Six the nuptials could take place in Tahiti and involve Packer’s beloved super yacht.
Insiders are buzzing that Carey and Packer plan to tie the knot in Tahiti, where Packer’s been known to sail his 287-foot converted icebreaker Arctic P, one of the world’s most luxe yachts. 
It will be the third marriage for both.


Anonymous said...

How the fuck are you engaged if your still married? FUCKING IDIOTS

Honey Bun said...

why even have a wedding at this point, theyre old and this is her third

Anonymous said...

I've seen regular, working class people do this. It's not just about money. People want what they want. #peopledowhattheydo

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this story at all. How are wedding plans in FULL SWING when BOTH of them are still married to other people? FOH!!!

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