Tuesday, March 01, 2016

TIDAL Responds to Lawsuit Claims

Yesterday news leaked that music streaming service TIDAL had been hit with a $5 million class action lawsuit by a The American Dollar band and Yesh Music, LLC claiming they hadn't been paid royalties [click here if you missed that].

TIDAL releases a statement responding to the claims...

“TIDAL is up to date on all royalties for the rights to the music stated in Yesh Music, LLC and John Emanuele’s claim and they are misinformed as to who, if anyone, owes royalty payments to them.”
"As Yesh Music, LLC admits in their claim, TIDAL has the rights to the Master Recordings through its distributor Tunecore and have paid Tunecore in full for such exploitations. Their dispute appears to be over the mechanical licenses, which we are also up to date on payments via Harry Fox Agency our administrator of mechanical royalties."
"The main compositions in question were release(d) by The American Dollar and their entire catalogue streamed fewer than 13,000 times on TIDAL and its predecessor over the past year. We have now removed all music associated with Yesh Music, LLC and John Emanuele from the service."
"They especially should not be naming S Carter Enterprises, LLC, which has nothing to do with Tidal. This claim serves as nothing other than a perfect example of why America needs Tort reform."


Anonymous said...

"They especially should not be naming S Carter Enterprises, LLC, which has nothing to do with Tidal. Does that mean s carter doesn't own tidal

Anonymous said...


No. It means that jay has multiple businesses that are not connected. It's for his financial protection.

Anonymous said...

"TIDAL has the rights to the Master Recordings...for such exploitations."

you will all soon realize how SHAAAAAADY that motherfuckin Jay Z is..

Anonymous said...

All artist get off the Titanic now!

Anonymous said...

And you fools worship this cause forbes says he got money. Shaking my head

If character and integrity mattered to black folk, as it should and used to, out of principle u could not support this user or the mrs. User and exploiter....using the movement to promote a stupid concert

Did she post anything about black histroy on her ig or just links to buy her creole ticketz

Real black people ....black people
...wake up and stop being played

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah #TidalFail

Honey Bun said...

He is the black Donald Trump, got lucky and thinks he's a brilliant businessman

Anonymous said...

@ 1:28
Trump inherited $200M from his father. That's not luck,that's a license to act a fucking fool in which he does.

Anonymous said...

$5 million is nothing compared to the $150 million lawsuit Spotify was hit with in December and another $200 million lawsuit in January.

Those white muthafuckas at Spotify are more crooked than Jay and Russ put together but of course blacks will continue to sing their praises and support their crooked white asses while clowning niggas who are "accused" of doing the same type of shit!!

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