Thursday, June 09, 2016

Rocko Da Don Suing Future

Back in 2013 Atlanta music producer Rocko Da Don famously slammed his then artist Future after Future allowed his then girlfriend, pop star Ciara, to cancel Future's first paying gig in Las Vegas over diva demands [click here if you missed that].

Apparently not much has changed.

Rocko is currently suing Future claiming he owes him millions...

According to reports Rocko is suing Future for $10 million claiming Future signed a deal with Rocko's A1 Record label back in 2011 agreeing to record his first six albums with A1 but instead signed a side deal with Epic after he got hot, essentially cutting Rocko out of millions.

Rocko also claims Future signed a 360 deal giving Rocko 20% of Future's touring and endorsements.

Fun Fact: Rocko Da Don is the father of R&B singer Monica's two sons Rocko Jr and Romelo [click here if you missed that].


The King Of The Real said...

he waited a bit to get this shit out

Anonymous said...

Your future is filled with debt.

LaShawn Hall said...

Future, pay up!!!!!

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