Friday, July 29, 2016

Angela Stanton's Ex Threatens to Blow Up Phaedra Parks' Law Office

Yesterday there were reports that a man stormed law offices at Lenox Mall in Atlanta demanding to see Phaedra Parks and claiming he had a bomb after being told she didn't work there.

There was no bomb but the guy turned out to be Atlanta rapper Drama who once dated author Angela Stanton who wrote a book accusing Phaedra of being a criminal mastermind...

In Angela Stanton's book 'Lies of a Real Housewife' Angela describes meeting Phaedra through her then boyfriend, rapper Drama, who was managed by Phaedra at the time. Angela goes on to explain how she and Phaedra became fast friends and embarked on a life of crime together forging checks, committing insurance fraud, identity theft and grand theft auto with Phaedra's then boyfriend Apollo Nida.

Phaedra later sued Angela for defamation over the book but eventually settled without either admitting any wrong doing [click here if you missed that].

Fast forward to yesterday when TMZ claims Drama had been telling friends he was supposed to film with Phaedra in Miami for an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and was upset because she was now dodging his calls.

Bravo has denied Drama was scheduled for filming.  

Fun Fact: Drama was released from jail last year after a 12 year prison sentence for robbery. He was repped by Phaedra in the trial.


Anonymous said...

I fell out laughing when I saw this yesterday. We all know Phake Phake isn't the best litigator. This ni66a fired her during his trial when he realized this bitch wasn't good. Obviously he held on to that animosity for 12yrs...Ni66a let it go. The funny shit here was the sky diving accident bc you have to wonder if Phake Phake planned it. IJS I see how she moves like a serpent

LaShawn Hall said...

@Anonymous, yeah she real grimy. I'm glad Angela was able to release her book. Somebody needs to tell the dam truth around here.

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