Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Straw That Broke Tiny's Back?

Rapper T.I. and wife Tiny have been on and off for years [click here here here here here and here if you missed that], but this month Tiny officially filed for divorce [click here if you missed that].

So what could have happened to make Tiny finally pull the plug...?

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
December 28, 2016
It turns out there is not just one woman this rapper/reality star got pregnant while married, but two. Both are due to give birth this upcoming year. It makes sense why the rapper’s celebrity/reality star wife would file for divorce.


Anonymous said...

undisciplined negro that cant control his lust.

passing out turkeys on thanks-killing day aint gonna get you into heaven...changing from your lustful ways is God watches to see if you will do that

Anonymous said...

....and I dont feel sorry for tiny or any woman like her because when you remain with a wicked niggr, whether or not yall have kids together, YOU pretty much agree and accept the wickedness
So No! I dont feel sorry for her

iketernr said...

You couldn't wrap it up at least? Now them babies gon be run in' through yo pockets son.

Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't make sense to me. Ride or dies stay thru side babies, crack and gambling addictions and even AIDS (seen it). Sooo, whatever.

Anonymous said...

She's always known what he was about. May be she's finally just grown tired of him and his ways - good on her if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

This is so shameful like you took a covenant before God and your wife not these out side women so you should have known better or just don't get married.

At the same time women do not invite women into your bedroom with your men, she opened the door for this man to cheat and disrespect her and he did two kids on the way by two women. Get tested girl and move on before something worst happens. (Magic Johnson hello............ it's still out here)

Anonymous said...

Dam t.i you married and running up in them raw dog?! You playing Russian Roulette man.

niecy09 said...

Tip "Busy Dick" Harris is not using protection and putting himself and family at risk. Tiny may have changed her eye color as a cry for attention from her man. She's beautiful both ways, buthas a selfish husband. So glad she is moving on.

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