Monday, March 20, 2017

Dame Dash's Baby Mama Comes Up Short

Last year the mother of Damon Dash's teenage son Lucky filed a motion to be included in an ongoing legal battle against the former rap mogul in a desperate bid to collect nearly $160k in back child support [click here if you missed that].

Looks like mama is S-O-L...

According to reports Cindy Morales' motion to be included in the lawsuit filed by Kerison & Willougby Capital has been denied.

Kerison & Willougby are suing to force Dame to sell his stake in Rachel Roy's clothing line to recoup a $450k debt and Cindy was hoping to include her debt with their judgement.


iketernr said...

SMH so sad. So very very sad.

JDent said...

This is fuckery central. He was ordered to pay. Now he just renigs and keep on moving. That's why this motherfucka always pressed on the blogs and shit.

Detest dudes like him. Great lesson to teach your son.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll leave Dame alone, he ain't had money since the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Good. If you can't pay child support, you can't have assets. It's a shame they did not include her and his kid.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

Cindy was an on the verge groupie back in the day when she worked as an assistant at MTV. At the time this was when Hip Hop was kind of a at its peak and Jay and Dame were popping and getting that money shortly before the demise of Dame . Dame was already with Rachel and had kids and Cindy was the shirt side project that Dame seeded and she got pregnant and pretty kept in on the low about who the Dad was. That was h til Dame wasn't sending g those checks and Cindy wasn't getting that spit and shine she thought she was gonna fall into. Long story short shes got a beautiful son with Lame Dame.

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