Friday, August 17, 2007

Eddie Murphy Slaps Mel B with a Cease and Desist

I heard Eddie finally got fed up with her trashing him all over town and slapped her with a cease and desist order...
According to sources Eddie sent Mel at letter that reads in part: “You have been engaging in a pattern of disseminating disparaging, negative and defamatory statements about Mr. Murphy, portraying him in a false and outrageous light in order to pressure Mr. Muprhy to capitulate to your highly unreasonable extortionate demands. We demand that you immediately cease and desist from this wrongful conduct.” The alleged letter goes on to say, "in a calculated effort to smear his reputation, thereby hoping to induce him to accede to outrageous extortionate demands if he wants you to stop your dissemination of negative statements." The letter also claims, “On Ms. Brown’s behalf, Ms. Allred has demanded that [Eddie] my client not only pay very substantial child support, but that he also buy a $9 million house in Malibu and pay for all associated expenses for Ms. Brown to reside there for free for the next 18 years.” The letter also claims the Eddie was told if these demands were met everybody would, "shut up".