Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mary Harvey Suing Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary is suing his butt...

In papers filed in Harris County court, Mary alleges she was tricked into a low divorce settlement by her and Steve's lawyer. That's right the couple's long time attorney represented both sides in their divorce and told Mary that legally she was only entitled to $1,000.00 in monthly child support and that she couldn't hire her own lawyer. Mary says they pushed her into a quickie divorce to hide the fact that Steve was an adulterer who abandoned her and some of his kids and physically and mentally abused them. You can read the papers for yourself here. My guess is Steve needs all his money to keep Lady Heroin in the style of living she's accustomed to.


Anonymous said...

Abused them??? Dayaaaaaam!

Anonymous said...

Although, I have to admit I do like Steve i can see him as heading his household like anyone living there need to be grateful she was probably Ole Kuntry ass Mary for years. i really hope she go back and get what she deserved i guess she heard about Juanita and them realized they pulled thee ol 1000 bucks a month routine. Go get your Mary shoot could see if she was married to him for a year or two but 25 years Oh hell no Steve you know you ain't right. I also admit everytime I seen them in a picture I thought man she looks miserable.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned that Steve Harvey would pull this shit. He's not even paying for health insurance for the child???? Mary, Mary, Mary...I pray this right is wronged, but what were you thinking about????

Anonymous said...

he usually keep his private life -private man no wonder he pulling shaddy ass shit like this - if it is true.Which I could totally see him giving her a "g" and thinking he doing something. Everytime they went out he was sharp as a knife and her? never looked like her man has any money not even quiet grace did she look like she had. He didn't spruce her up during the marriage why the hell is gonna give her more after a divorce. She may have not been getting a g to run her household. he talk like the type to have "his handler" handling the funds. Cuz 25 years she coulda been socking away some money even a little at a time - if she had access. In Ceddys voice ' Steve, DAAAM DAAAAWG"

Anonymous said...

Damn lovita alize jenkins would of got a better settelment than that. Fight gurl go get you that hyundai

Nico aka WTFever said...

Wat da fuck! Ayo, me and That Bitch gon have some fuckin words. Heffa why all you been posting recently is articles about all these wimmenz tryna get all up in a brothas pocket for some gotdamn divorce settlement! Da fuck is up with this hear me roar bullshit! Dont make me change my mind about puttin this dick on yah.

Anyway, Steve ex-wife got those nice big ass titties (I dont give a fuck if they fake), wide hips and flat stomach. Other than that constipation look she got on her face...she could catch it like a predator! I'm all into old mature pussy right now. Mature pussy is nice and marinated! Old heffas done already had love and heartbreak...all they want is that good dick and the occasional compliment!

Anonymous said...

That's an Omega man for ya.

Anonymous said...

1.42. you need help..

Anonymous said...

had to be another black man being a deadbeat dad.

Nico aka WTFever said...


...unless "help" is code word for hot monkey sex, then you're not helping me!

Anonymous said...

She could have gotten a reputable lawyer, instead of the shyster that sold her down the river, and made Steve pay the legal bills.

Anonymous said...

ok this is for wtfever i really dont have a comment for steve's ex because she should've been smart enough to know that that crap they was selling her was bogus and steve knew she was dumb that's why he played her like that. you dont see him too much no more that's probably all he had anyway

Nico aka WTFever said...

^^^yeah but what dat got to do with her knockers? (-:

Shaqua said...

Once again the scoreboard reads...

Shaunie's Wanna Ack An Ass Insurance Stash-Away Plan: 111

Do The Right Thang Ain't Shit But a Movie: 0

Steve'll wind up dead pulling a stunt like this on his current woman. She's a locked up dope dealer's former bottom bitch.

Nico aka WTFever said...

^^^Gotdammit, the more you post the more I wanna bend dat ass over and bang all up against yah uterus!!

I disagree with you on a lot of the issues...but gotdammit it would make for some good making up fucking!

Anonymous said...

1:06 pm your typos make your sentences impossible to read!!

Anonymous said...

she must be real DINGY to fall for some okie doke like that! she know he makes way more than $1,000 a month!! you i would have slap the taste out both they mouths for insulting my intelligence!!

Anonymous said...

she must be real DINGY to fall for some okie doke like that! she know he makes way more than $1,000 a month!! you i would have slap the taste out both they mouths for insulting my intelligence!!

Anonymous said...

I know brothers making FAR LESS than 100K a year making 1K monthly child support payments!!!! What page is she on?? But you know what, let this be a lesson to all the young sisters. He picked her ass up working at a cosmetic counter so apparently he knew her mind was as sharp as it could have been. Brothers love a woman looking for a come up, but when shit gets foul don't get caught slipping. I would knock his big ass lips smooth off his body if he even approached me with a settlement like this. The difference is I know the value of a dollar becuase I MAKE MY OWN MUTHAFUCKIN MONEY!!!! Sisters, step up your own money making game.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I just can't let this shit go yet. So according to the papers SHE filed for divorce and approached HIS (she thought it was their lawyer but seemed to forget HE paid the motherfucker) lawyer for advice on who should represent her? SHE filed for divorce and ended up with this shitty settlement??? Sisters, PLEASE make it your mission to sponser a cognitively challenged sister today. Good Lord!

Anonymous said...

the bottom line is no one should get married without a pre-nupt and it better be a 50/50 split on future earnings or he can kick rocks,,because they never pay their child support so you might as well get it up front

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Can't have it both ways ladies.

Admit you are inferior and we will continue to open doors for you, pick up the tab, not strike you, not pay you as much as a man, give you half in a divorce settlement.

Stand up and talk shit about you are proud and independent and can do a job as well or even better than a man and we will NOT open doors for you, expect you to pay for half or for all of the meal and tip, beat you down when you put your hands on us, pay you as much or more than a man, give you nothing in a divorce settlement becuase you are strong and independent and can get yourself a real job and get medical insurance and put the kids on it your damn self.

Nico aka WTFever said...


You make sense in a Neanderthal Geico caveman kinda way but its not always that cut and dry. Fair is fair and a man should be a man especially if he is the one that wanted out of the relatiinship. Shit if I am in a bad relationship and I want out and I'm already fucking other pussy on da side, hell I'll pay that heffa whatever da fuck she wants and call it a day (well, within reason...I'm not about to just hand over my bank accounts gift wrapped with my nuts). But still aint no money worth my fuckin sanity. Plus if you had loved the woman at some point in your relationship and especially if she is the mother of your kids your conscience should make you want to deal with her fairly as far as finances. If these reports are true then this big-lipted nigga really fucked her over.

Dr. Kaa Pee said...
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shaqua said...

LOL @ wtf,

I'm one hard bitch. I'll bring the rope, so make sure you got your Aflac paid up. ;)

I don't expect most men (or weak ass females) to agree with me on posts like these. I tell it like it is. Maybe because I've been around the block a lil' longer and stronger than some of y'all. I see beyond the bullshit.

If someone truly tries to do the right thing by the other person, instead of doing the asschase, he'd be better off in the end. You can prolong the heat, but you'll never escape it.

For Steve. He needs those buck ass veneers backhanded down his fuckin' throat for that shit. A chick working the drive thru @ Popeyes makes more than 1,000K/month!!! Now had he given her a fair deal the first damn time, he wouldn't be stankin' up the blogesphere w/ his dirty ass laundry!

Anon 2:58, your my mutha****in hero.

Onediva4u said...

I do believe in karma and you do get back what you put out there so Steve watch your back. This is the mother of your child and you treat her like garbadge; you are a sorry peace of trash! You are giving the mid-west a bad name. What is wrong with you, is the pussy (of your new wife) that good that she has turned you out. I hope this isn't true, stick to your value system Steve and don't go all Hollyweird on us.

Shaqua said...


Wtf, you just made me water down in the hole like Remy @ 3:49. Hot Monkey Sex served riiiiiiiiiiiiight up!!!

See, we can agree on something!

DelilahX said...

Well, it's like this here. If she was dumb enough to fall for that whack BS, then she gets what she gots comin.

Nico aka WTFever said... one crazy chick (I likes)...lemme find out you like it like dat! Shiiiit...hmmm...

...and oh yeah, that nigga Steve could inflate the Goodyear blimp all by himself with them flapjack ass lips!

Anonymous said...

She got dogged. But she should have done her damn homework. You can't trust a nigga when you are getting a divorce. They (men and woman) are looking out for there own interest. Pont blank.

shaqua said...

Yeah, she got hosed. She shoulda coulda used better judgement. There is no excuse for this, even after 25 years. But now that she knows better, she's gonna come back with a vengeance & mop the floor with his ass.

See whatcha made me do Anna Mae?

This is how nukkas get decapitated when they could've left the scene with a papercut.

baddasschic said...

Ok, (taking a deep breath) Now yall know I dont like folks who abandon chill-rens
Damn.....just damn!
I have no words I used them all to bash Eddie , Kidd and Halles soon to be dead beat ass baby daddy!!
Geeez people take care of the kids!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it why are you women ma at Steve???? She was the ass that agreed to it. Hell I'm not married yet I know damn well not to allow my hushbands lawyer to represent me, hell isnt that a conflict of interest anyway..
All these dumb ass women are getting just what they deserve NOTHING lol
and yes I am a woman saying this because I would never allow a man to treat me that way.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was the brains of the marriage!!!! You trust the lawyer who represented both of you throughout the marriage? The marriage in which your soon to be ex is head of household (financially speaking). The attorney is looking out for the moneymaker. Come on.... it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. How in the hell do you trust you and your son's future to a back road country slick lawyer! I'm mad that she was just that dumb and shame on you Steve with your 2000 thread count polyester suit wearing behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! isnt this the same guy that gets up on his morning talk show and talks all this stuff about how much he loves GOD and about his personal relationship with GOD.Thats all I have to say about that

GailScott said...

It looks like she has wised up and is not as dumb as she used to be. Good for her. Mary was with Steve when Steve didn't have shit. He didn't have a tv show, he didn't have a radio show, he didn't even have a 90-minute routine put together, but she was by his side. He should have paid her well when they called it quits.

But no, he had to be cheap and look at him now--his business is in the streets (Ha!) and Mary is out for revenge.

Nothing like a scorned woman to add some sparks to the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

@ 715

You will have your day sweetie, no one gets away scott free from this world without getting dogged a few times or at least once! Its called experience!

Lil Lori said...

You got that shit right shaqua:

Shaunie's Wanna Ack An Ass Insurance Stash-Away Plan: 111

His ass would definately wind up dead pulling a stunt like this on his new gal, the dope dealer's former bottom bitch!!!

BWTF was Mary thankin, dayum. I'd woop my ow ni66s ass if tried to give me 1G a month now while married, let alone as a divorce settlement! WTFFFFF!!!

halile said...

She's a stupid hoe, in real estate that's like letting an agent represent the buyer and the seller!!!! Why would you share the same lawyer when it comes to money? She should've known she was going to get stuck with no vaseline!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:38

For all the talk, most women need men to get the money and attention they want. Ok we see Oprah, where are the rest of y'all? Based on the drama in their lives black women should own the talk show, self-help book, and soap opera biz, but they're too damn busy trying to hook a baller at the club so they can come up.

Anonymous said...

That bitch looks crazy as hell lol

Anonymous said...

Ms Heroin is hella bow-legged

Anonymous said...

Steve started dating his new wife
10 yrs ago...she finally got him.
The reason why Mary looks kinda
crazy....because steve drove her
crazy....she was with him when
he had nothing..she just wasn't
thinking when she signed the divorce papers...she really loved
him...I truly home..she gets a
better settlement. You never know
what a person is going through.
He had Mary so scared...she couldn't think straight. You would
look that way too if a man has abused you.

Anonymous said...

"WoW" Steve had me fooled!
He's playing his radio
audience the way he
played Mary..He's not the
Christian he leading us to
believe. I guess when he's
done running all the local
D.J's off the air all over
the country...he will try
preaching. He's full of it!
Steve stated one morning that
he can be real slick...well
he is........

Anonymous said...

Hey anon asshole 4:00am, most black women are handling their got damn business, working ev'day and raising their child/children. You tell me where the sorry ass black men are: in prison, living with their mammy or baby momma, gots no job or are DL fags! Learn some fuckin black history and you'd know that the BLACK Women are ALWAYS carrying the load, and doing it all for the black RACE and the sorry, punk ass, too weak to be a strong black male has jumped shipped and never even learned how to be a MAN! Now go kiss your gay lovers ass you useless DICKhead!

halile said...


Anonymous said...

Resources = God, pride and self LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I advocate black love. I want all of us to reach our potential. Sisters and brothers standing together strong. When will my dream be a reality. Steve appears to be a huge lipped ass hole. Mary could have done better for herself. Why does this have to become black woman/black man bashing. Unite. Uplift. Damn.

halile said...

anon: you crazy if you think self love and pride will get you resources!!! evidently you have never worked in corporate america and no nothing about the glass ceiling effect..
Also self love and pride will not get you recognized any quicker, if anything you will be named an egotistic laqueshia who has no idea, maybe if you included being humble, educated and knowing the right people we would've listened!!!

Anonymous said...

i live not too far from where they lived in collin county texas and went through a divorce and custody along with child support. The only thing I can say is she better have a lot of evidence to back her claim. The judge here will question why she took so long to file and waiting till after Steve married will look as if she was jealous especially now claiming physical and mental abuses. If she doesn't have any hard evidence it could not be too good in her favor. As far as child support, if that is the only income her child is receiving , meaning Steve is not paying for his school medical expense, clothing, activities,transportation, vacations, school expenses, other monies given to the child that has not been mentioned including if she is not still in the house or have any of the cars, she may lose this case. Judges are quick to say the ex wife is jealous and now sprouting bitterness since the husband has remarried and she doesn't want to see her ex with the current spouse. It's weird.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:12pm, OK all black men are useless. You can leave us alone and go do great things by yourself since we are holding you back. Go make free throws, sell beats, open successful businesses, become CEOs and forget about us. This includes leaving alone trying to come up by having babies for wealthy black men.

I hope you know this "sorry ass black men" you talk about include your brothers and your sons.

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

8:59pm, Perhaps you're referring to 1:21pm??? duh!

Every black female does not have a brother or a son! Here's the light bulb coming on: Maybe she already has left ur sorry ass kind alone! She damn sure wouldn't be the first or last!

Are you insinuating that making free throws, selling beats, making money, makes someone a good man???

Your ignorance is showing fella!

Anonymous said...

Food for thought:

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Question 1:

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* 3 have done time for assault
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* 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
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Anonymous said...

halile: I'm not crazy, (well, I can get crazy but...) I am a black women in corporate Amerikkka and of course education was and is always part equation to success! Just didn't have time to go into detail on a blog and just listed my main tools for dealing with any situation! I had lots of more important things to do this Thanksgiving Day and am far from a Laquesha (sp)!

God Bless all my people 'cause we damn sure need it, always and everyday!

jazzyphile said...

Every woman who gets a divorce states she was "physically abused," Come on now.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:23pm
I'm glad you do not have a brother or son so we know it is your "sorry ass" father you are angry with. Go talk with him and make peace, maybe he won't sodomize you this time. No wonder you are so angry at gay men despite having slept with so many.

halile said...

But of course anon_at leasts you included one main factor, god!!!
and happy thanksgiving to you also.......

Anonymous said...

some of you ppl believe everything that a stranger types on this comment screen. WTF!

yes, I had a sorry ass father. Now he's old and sorry for being a sorry ass back in the day, but I still love him and would never disrespect him. If I could just remember his birthday and to call him on that day instead of the day after!!! Oh well, shit happens, such is life!

Anonymous said...

Steve Harvey is a wig wearing cheating, lying deadbeat user. He married that new trick while still trying to get with one of my friends. He's a no good mother f'er whose happy to talk ish about others.

I hope Mary NAILS his nuts to the wall. He hurried up and married this nassy looking hoe whose been ran up in by former drug dealers. He's an idiot!

Rhymeswithtwista said...

Heeeey, Niiccooo...!

Daddie, methinks a roughneck like yourself knows how to remove that "...constipated look..." off a sistas face. U and I both know that's not constipation... U feel me?

Shaqua, I'm gonna have 2 lift and reapproppriate your tagline...
"Do the right thang aint nothing but a movie-0" I hollered!!

I love us, Man!!


Rhymes with Twista said...


That kuntry azz clown suit wearing bastard will get his served up with a side order of public humiliation and " out,now!" as soon as that Lady Heroin chick teaches him why U shouldn't try 2 turn a Ho into a Housewife...hell, who wants 2anyway? Everyone has a position 2 play... Keep us posted, RWS... (~:

Anonymous said...

^^^This nigga does dress & speak like a bama

Anonymous said...

Steve wants people to believe..
the blog is all lies....LOL
He also uses "GOD" to draw in
listeners... He is sooooooo slick...I believe most of what's on this blog..Steve is Fake!! I could hear it on the's too bad his followers can't hear it! I had to stop listening to him...because he's too fake for me.
Even his hair is fake!!! I hope
Mary gets some kind of stipend
from this..she was with him before
he became a millioniare.

The Jokes On Margie said...

I heard Steve got four different hair peices to make his hair look like her need a haircut sometime and he got dentures. Can you picture them lips with no teeth behind them? Poor Margie

Anonymous said...

Poor Steve, Margie is willing to put up with him as long as he brings home the money! When the money stops,I betcha she will leave him..and this time Steve will end up like Mary. Margie is not going to allow Steve to play her. Steve has met his match!LOL

Anonymous said...

Does she have a high school education, is she that stupid..always get a second opinion in legal matters if your unsure. She deserves what she got..Just wanted to that money and then realized it was chicken feed. How stupid can you be..

Anonymous said...

I believe in the end Mary will get what she deserves and that is better than what Steve did for her. He left his wife of 20 something years to pick up with some drug dealers wife or girlfirend? WOW!! If he had any integrity what's so ever and lived the way he "Talks" on his show then even though they divorced he would of taken care of her better than that I seen it a million times men do bs like that and it comes back to haunt them. MAry keep your head up and i hope you get all that you are entitled to.
If he was messing with this low life woman for 10 years and left his wife - I can't see them doing big things and living happily ever after. Can't wait til she turns around and makes a effin fool out him. he just lost another fan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Steve,

If this picture is saying anything, it's saying that your wife (ex) looks a lot like Regina Bell (Song: "If I could").

So, if it don't work out, give Regina a call. That's if she's intersted.

Dentist in Beverly Hills said...

Mary says they pushed her into a quickie divorce to hide the fact that Steve was an adulterer who abandoned her and some of his kids and physically and mentally abused them.

Dental Clinic in Sherman Oaks said...

You can read the papers for yourself here. My guess is Steve needs all his money to keep Lady Heroin in the style of living she's accustomed to.

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