Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trouble For T.I.

Prosecutors claim they have three documented occasions of T.I. possessing a gun as a felon including a December 2001 arrest in Atlanta where the rapper gave a fake name and was carrying a 9mm pistol.  ..
The arrest did not result in criminal conviction. The other two instances in which T.I. was caught in possessions of firearm were on November 1st 2002 in Henry County and search of his home in Fulton County on December 18th, 2004. T.I. netted a felony record when he was busted for drug dealing at 17 years old. He was sentenced to seven years' probation, which he violated and was eventually jailed for. The rapper's lawyer's argue that their client's car was searched without a warrant, consent or probable cause. They also allege that the arresting agents failed to honor T.I.’s rights and that their detention of the rapper was improper. They also claim that the statements made by T.I. may have not been voluntary.