Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vick Ordered To Pay For Dogs Upkeep

Michael Vick's "deteriorating financial condition" prompted federal prosecutors to ask a judge to order the beleaguered NFL superstar to set aside nearly $1 million for the care of pit bulls seized from his dogfighting operation.

In court papers filed yesterday, the government asked federal Judge Henry Hudson to issue a restraining order that essentially would freeze about $928,000 to fulfill Vick's legal obligation to cover the costs of caring for the dogs and finding homes for them.

Prosecutors cited claims by Vick's creditors and former employer that threaten his ability to make good:

* An arbitrator's ruling that the quarterback should repay the Atlanta Falcons a $20 million bonus.
* A lawsuit by Wachovia Bank claiming Vick and others defaulted on a $1.3 million loan for a wine store.
* Royal Bank of Canada's lawsuit seeking payment for default on a $2.5 million credit line.
* A lawsuit by 1st Source Bank of South Bend, Ind., seeking at least $2 million for loans involving a rental-car business.