Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monica's Baby Father Wreaks Havoc in New York

You know R&B singer Monica's kids' daddy cd Self Made came out last week, right? Well, maybe you don't, cause only 27,700 of y'all bought it. But anyway, Rocko da Don's street team was in New York plastering every pole in sight with these posters 'cause, you know, they want to sell more than 30,000 cds. But the thing is, this type of guerilla advertising is illegal in NY City. So check it, a reporter from the NY Times starts taking pictures of Rocko's street team doing their thing, and after snapping a few shots, Rocko's boys ask dude why he's photographing them. When the reporter replies, "Because what you're doing is illegal." One of Rocko's goons told him,“Breaking cameras is illegal, too, but if you don’t stop taking pictures, I’ll break your camera.” So the dude tells the goon that he's from The Times and the goon tells him again, “I’ll break your camera and you can print that in your paper.” And he did what he promised. Goon snatched dude's camera, throwing dude down in the process, and smashed it on the ground, in front of several witnesses. I guess goons don't know everything is digital now, and that he should have just taken the memory card out of the camera because dude printed all the pictures anyway. And Rocko and 'nem can breath a sigh of relief, because dude says he's not going to press charges.