Thursday, June 26, 2008

DMX Loses Home in Civil Judgment

Usually DMX blog space is reserved for his latest arrest, this time it's because he's about to lose his 5th avenue Townhouse...
Back in 2004 DMX agreed to endorse a line of dog clothes, but he never showed up for any promotions so the company sued his butt to the tune of $281,000.00 plus interest. So, to settle the judgement, X's property, a vacant townhouse he bought as an investment, on Fifth Ave. and East 124th Street is being auctioned off on Aug. 13 unless DMX can come up with the money. At one point your boy transferred the property to a company owned by his wife Tashera, in an effort to protect it from being sold, but on June 9, the dog clothes company obtained a court order stating the 2006 deed transferring the property to Tashera's company was fraudulent, paving the way for the August sale. The auction is expected to bring in more than a million dollars, but there's a long line of creditors waiting to get paid so X ain't expected to see a dime of the money.