Friday, December 19, 2008

Steve Harvey Child Abuse Allegations

Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey recently took Steve to court claiming he's abusing their son. According to online reports: October 14th, Mary says her son, who lives with Steve Harvey in the Atlanta area, came to visit her in Dallas. Mary says it was during that visit when she noticed bruises and puncture marks on the child’s body. Those who examined the boy say the wounds were likely made by a belt buckle and the bruising from a paddle-like instrument. A nurse examining the child at Plano Medical Center summoned police because of the severe nature of the injuries. A police report has not been made available to Mary Lee Harvey; however, she has corroborating medical reports from a child psychologist, a pediatrician and others who examined the child. Luckily Harvey says there was no internal damage done as a result of the alleged abuse.
Mary also claims Steve does not allow their son to visit her per the court order. She says she has not been allowed to see her son since mid October even though the original order calls for visitations of at least two weekends a month.