Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adam 'Pac Man' Jones Sued By Lawyer

From the Atlanta Journal and Constitution:
Manny Arora claims Adam 'Pac Man' Jones stiffed him for fees “in excess of $10,000” on 18 different cases in which Arora represented either Jones’ family members or friends.
None of the cases mentioned in the lawsuit filed in Fulton State Court involve Jones directly. The suit lists Deborah Jones, James Jones, Lewis Kueffor and Fleming Daniels as the defendants Arora assisted. The charges against them vary from speeding to kidnapping, simple battery and, in the case of Daniels, murder.
Jones has been arrested six times and has been involved in a dozen incidents requiring police intervention since the Tennessee Titans drafted him in the first round in 2005.
Jones was suspended in April 2007 and missed all of that season. He was traded to the Dallas Cowboys last April and reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in August.
The Cowboys began the season among the favorites to make the Super Bowl but failed to reach the playoffs. The club cut Jones after a season in which he missed several games while undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.