Monday, January 12, 2009

Dame And His Baby Mama Still Fighting

OK, so on New Year's Eve, Damon Dash's son Boogie DJ'd the party at club Plumm in NY and when Boogie's mama found out about it she hit the roof. Linda is pissed because Boogie, who has lived with her since the summer, said her son asked to go back to live with his father [who is the legal custodial parent] on Dec 2 and hasn't been back in school since. Linda was also fit to be tied because Boogie, who is only 17, was allowed into a club that serves alcohol.
"A child should not be in an adult club that serves alcohol," she fumed. "Did anyone even check my son's ID? His father should stop trying to make a dollar off of him and get him back into high school." Linda took Dame to court on Dec. 18, charging educational neglect. The next court date is next week. "I'm happy for my son that he is pursuing [deejaying] but not at the expense of school," Williams said.