Monday, January 26, 2009

My Bad

You guys, this story is MAD old, like 2 years old. But I'm leaving it up. Carry on. Don P of Atlanta-based rap trio Trillville was arrested last week in DeKalb County, Georgia, for the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl. According to a DeKalb County Police spokesperson, the rapper (real name: Donnell Prince) was charged with rape and two counts of aggravated sodomy, all of which are felonies.
According to police, the attack happened on December 16 in an apartment in Lithonia, Georgia, which is near Atlanta. Prince was one of 10 guests attending a small gathering at the apartment. "Allegedly, [the victim] was raped in a bedroom by two partygoers, Mr. Prince being one of them," said Cory Hughes, Dekalb County's public information officer. "We are still trying to identify the other individual who was involved. [The victim] said this was not a consensual act." Moments after the assault, the girl left the gathering with a friend and reported the rape to police. By the time officers arrived on the scene, most of the guests had left. Police said the investigation is ongoing.
Prince's attorney, Keith Adams, said "there's absolutely no basis whatsoever" for his client's arrest. "None of the seven or eight witnesses who were there, in the apartment, agree with what the young lady said occurred," Adams said. "She came to the location with a young man, looking to meet [Don P]. She met him, there was a consensual encounter between herself and Mr. Prince, and there was a consensual encounter between herself and another gentleman. There were individuals who were in the room at the time this alleged rape was supposed to have occurred."
He said Don P remains in police custody, but that a bond hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday morning. "We're optimistic [Prince] will be released tomorrow, and we look forward to either fighting this thing or waiting for the district attorney to make the right decision and dismiss the charges."