Monday, January 26, 2009

Eddy Curry Baby Mama Found Murdered

New York Knicks Center Eddy Curry is having a rough time these days. A week or two ago Eddy's male chauffeur filed a sexual harassment suit against him, claiming Eddy exposed himself and propositioned him for gay sex. This week Curry's ex-girlfriend Nova Henry and her 9 month old daughter Ava were found dead from gunshot wounds in their Chicago condo. What's worse, Eddy's 3 year old son with Nova, Noah, was also found in the condo, unharmed, albeit covered in blood. Nova had claimed Ava was also Eddy's child, which Eddy denied.
A suspect is in custody and officials say Eddy, who is said to be very distraught, has in no way been implicated in the case. Nova was reported to have had a restraining order out against a former boyfriend who family members claim told her there was only one way out of their relationship.