Monday, January 26, 2009

Tyler Perry Being Sued By A Gang of Contractors

From the Atlanta Journal and Constitution: Six construction firms have filed liens against Tyler Perry’s house and his new movie studio claiming he refuses to pay them what he owes. The contractors allege Perry refused to pay their final bills either for no apparent reason or because their work met with his arbitrary disapproval. They say he ordered work redone on impulse, deciding he wouldn’t like the stones purchased for an outdoor fountain, for instance, or deeming newly planted trees too short. Perry, though, said he withheld payment only for shoddy work or for undocumented charges and then only for a handful of the dozens of construction companies he hired. Even those, he said, still got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each before he dismissed them. “There’s a Tyler Perry tax that’s put on things,” Perry said “I’ve seen the worst of what people can be, the worst of what family members can be. I pride myself on taking care of my business. I pride myself on being able to pay the bills.” But “I’m not sympathetic to anybody who’s trying to rip me off. Just because I’m a Christian, just because I’m a nice guy, it doesn’t mean I’m a wimp.” “Tyler’s an all right guy,” one of the contractors said. But “he’s the most miserable guy I ever met. He don’t trust nobody. Everybody wants something from him.”