Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Max B Running His Mouth All Over Jim Jones Woman

Before you start with the, "Who are Max B and Chrissy?", I'll give it to you in a couple of nutshells. Max was a Dip Set/Bryd Gang affiliate who released and couple of cds, plus wrote 'We fly High' for Jim Jones. Then he got arrested for allegedly helping this stripper rob a D-Boy who ended up dead. Max is still facing murder charges in that case and last I heard the stripper had turned states evidence against him. The trial is scheduled to start in April 2009. Anyway, Max B and Jimmy fell out after Jim forced Max to sell him his publishing rights for $90,000.00 so Max could bail himself out of jail. Jim's wifey Chrissy is legendary around Harlem way for having kicked it with the biggest of ballers; From Diddy to Jay Z to Damon Dash and countless other high level Dope Boys.