Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toni Braxton Impersonator Jailed In Suriname

Las Vegas celebrity impersonator Trina Johnson has been languishing in a Surinamese jail ever since she was unwittingly used in a Toni Braxton concert scam in February. Trina Johnson says she was booked to do a tribute concert to Toni Braxton in Suriname only to find out that concert goers were expecting the real thing. Moments into her second song the audience of 1500 began pelting her with bottles and booing. She was arrested shortly after. Meanwhile the concert promoter and all the proceeds from the concert were nowhere to be found. Trina is facing a three-year prison sentence after authorities in the Latin American republic accused her of fraud for impersonating singer Toni Braxton even though Trina claims to have a contract that clearly states she was booked to impersonate the singer. Prosecutors in Suriname are allowed to detain the accused up to 67 days, and there's no such thing as bail. Trina's husband was also arrested but he was released after spending 2 weeks in a 8 feet by 10 foot open-air jail cell with no heat and no lights and 11 other prisoners existing on a breakfast of one cup of hot tea and a small piece of bread. A combined lunch and dinner consisting of a cup of boiled rice and maybe 2 ounces of protein, either fish, chicken or "mystery meat" and later at night, a cup of flavored water.