Friday, April 10, 2009

Gabrielle Union Is Not Pregnant

Radio and TV personality Egypt called Gabrielle Union and asked if she was pregnant, as has been reported around the blogsphere, and this is what Gabby said: “Hey E!..Girl I love margaritas and my career too much for babies at this time”….”the Chicago Sun Times has been asked to print a retraction but clearly the truth didn’t make it as far as the lie”. Gabby also says “I’m not 37…let’s get the real deal out there. ” She’s actually 36 and in the best shape of her life. Gabby laughed the rumor off and said to me, “why would I get knocked up AND why would a bunch of ball players sit around talking about whose got mothering skills…the rumor was stupid and made no sense and your the first person to bother to fact check so thanks girl. I’m not ready for babies at this time. It’ll be years before I am! But big ups to all the women out there holding it down!”

Spotted on Egypt Said So