Monday, April 06, 2009

Judge KOs Vick's Bankruptcy Exit Stratgy

A judge has rejected suspended Falcons quarterback Michael Vick’s plan to emerge from bankruptcy, but he is giving Vick another chance as he nears the end of his prison sentence on federal dogfighting charges.

Judge Frank J. Santoro called Vick’s plan unworkable Friday, saying it would leave the suspended NFL star with up to a $9 million “hole” on top of the payments he would have to make to his creditors. As of December, Vick had $16 million in assets and $20.4 million in debts, court records show.

The judge added that some of Vick’s plans to make money once he gets out of prison are speculative — including a $600,000 proposal for him to star in a documentary. And Santoro suggested that Vick should consider selling more of his assets, including one of the two houses he wants to keep for himself and his mother in Virginia.


where's my stimulus? said...

mike's next plan...

Judge, me and DMX are going out on the "Where My Dogs At" tour 2009...
when he gets out....the documentary will be of the tour...

Bee Gee said...

Judge brought Vick there to roast him, I'm convinced. His lawyers coulda easily handled this.

That being said, Mike's plan didn't make sense because it didn't make dollars. Shit, it didn't even come close. Honestly, I can't believe Mike and a group of highly educated men sat down, put dat bullshit together, and had tha audacity to present it as a "plan".

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

all of this mess over dogs? if he would have simply murdered someone, he would be training for the fall season by now.

ELove said...
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ELove said...

What's Done is Done...
This judge can't make no one sell his assets to satisfy a credit/debt of any kind. Does Vick owe the IRS in any kind of back-taxes not paid???

If not, then Tough-Titty !!!

I agree wit you @beegee but HIS legal-team is fucking wit them JUST LIKE they (The Feds) have been fucking wit Mike Vick since this dog-fighting thing broke
(Real Talk)

TaterNuts said...

@ Malika, word!

Anonymous said...

And when did he get that neck Tat,,hopefully not in prison with all that Hep C floating around,,opps he got herpes anyway soooo next!
Can you catch herp and hep with condoms,,,just asking?

Anonymous said...

Mike is going to be okay, this is just what the MAN is trying to do to hold up what's next in his life. PETA get over it, he would have done better if he killed and borrowed 10 people on his property.

quesha said...

the MAN won't have any ammo if our brothers stay on the right path. i can't stand up and start marching for him, when it was his on eff ups that started this whole rollercoaster that he is own. buckle up and do better next time.

DaShit said...

LMAO Why? Oh Why????/ LMAO @ Something else on this board. W.T.F.

@ post: Just damn. Wont throw a dog(nigga) a bone.

Anonymous said...

he lost everytrhing over some raggedy ass. they were animals not PEOPLE. this is so sad that you can lose it all over an animal but kill a few people and if ya got money you get a slap on the wrist. and still enjoy life like nothing ever happened. what a sad world we live in. yes he was wrong for what he did but the punishment did not fit the crime.

quesha said...

he got 2 years. and the majority of that was becuz he didnt cop to it from jump. he wudda just apologized, admitted he was wrong, bet he wudda git community service.

his money problems stem from mismanagement of his finances...either by his family or by his own hand. these athletes think that they have an ever flowing fountain of money. not sure why folks can't be sensible with their spending habits. oh well, i am sure none of his colleagues will learn from his mistakes. we keep reading this stuff over and over on this blog.

Anonymous said...

He's so sexy-he looks like a rotwiler.

Black Alien said...

Fuc a dog...he should have killed some people, if they were black he probably would have got off.....They act like this guy is Charles Manson...while people embezzle millions of dollars and destroy the economy, they get bonuses....I luv Amerikka

malika the m.i.l.f. said...

i was mad during this case because his homeboys sold him out. if they would have just done a few months or a year or 2, vick woulda held them down and continued to take care of them and their families. instead they turned on him first chance they got. and that's why i don't do dirt with anybody. folks will sell you you out first chance they get.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of these fools bothering mike the brother messed up wit some D dogs... heck I ran one oever just the other day I could care less about a mut. I hope him the BEST!

quesha said...

malika, jail sucks. i am not going to jail for anybody. not sure if vick feels special, but he needs to get over it. he got 2 years! isn't that still a slap on the wrist. some folks making this out like he lost his life. he can still go and be a productive regla citizen.

but you saying that his boys shoulda just fallen on the sword for him...nah, would have happened if it were me either.

quesha said...

i know that alotta yall getting mad cuz it was just some dogs. that isn't the point that im making. if there was a law against pillow fighting on thursdays, and folks still violated the law, no matter how silly the law, they face the reprucussions. to me it seems very black and white. and here in amurrica, black men know that they have to walk an extra straight line. no one can tell me that vick didnt know the dog fighting laws. he choose to break the law. he can do his 2 years. i bet he chooses a different path next time.

ignorance amongst athletes needs to be erradicated one dumb person atta time. some ppl just wanna give away their money to the court system. vick just happens to be one of those dummies.

The Prince of Know Where? said...


Have been accused of spousal abuse
Have been arrested for fraud
Have been accused of writing bad checks
Have directly or indirectly
Bankrupted at least 2 businesses
Have done time for assault
Get a credit card due to bad credit
Have been arrested on drug-related charges
Have been arrested for shoplifting
Are defendants in lawsuits, and
Have been arrested for drunk driving
The last year
You guess which organization this is?

Give up yet? . . Scroll down,

it's the 435 members of the
United States Congress

Same group of Idiots that crank out
Hundreds of new laws each year
Designed to keep the rest of us in line.

The show us only what they want us to see!


Anonymous said...

@TPONW ; I gotta roll with you on that this one. VERY, interesting facts! & I'm still more impressed with the money & time Mike has spent on YMCA & the poor community, now I didn't see any national publicity on that, but those dogs white folks be kissing and sleeping with rank higher on the evolution scale than a Black child any day. People really show where their proirities lay are when money & race is the issue of the day. Now this recession ish got white folks panties in a brunch, they even went as far to elect a Mulatto President, not knowing that when a Black man marries a Black/not light,not mixed, Black woman he is not only Black but pro-Black. They believe he can make something outta all that stealing they been doing for centuries from poor counties natural resources and poor people exploitation in the U.S.,Black folks been in a recession since intergration, we havent supported or built a major network of Black interest since. Well I guess Mike didnt pay his Black tax and give his inheritance to a white woman, he didnt go the suburan hoods and make it rain, I guess PETA was too busy trying get IAM dog food indorsements to keep that sham of a organization going, just another front for a brunch of white folks crooked business getting so called charatiable funds, while getting salaries that some Black college graduates will never see. The usual snitchessssss

The Prince of Know Where? said...

@ 5:08-cosign. All I have to ask those who condemn MV-what did you have for dinner last night? If you're main course or side dish had parents-STFU!


quesha said...

@508 and TPONW, if every bodies argument comes down to "white people do bad stuff too," when will black folks ever hold each other accountable for their BS? we would rather deflect to "white ppl do it too" becuz that is a helluva lot easier than tackling black folk's dumb behavior.

and prince, eating meat isn't against the law. i am condemning ignorance. and he is quite ignorant, in my opinion.

The Prince of Know Where? said...

@Quesha-I agree with you on the white folk argument-we are responsible for some of the mess we're in. But as far as laws are concerned, I think we have to draw the line when it comes to the absurd. The cost taxpayers forked out to investigate, prosecute, convict, and imprison this man had to be well into the millions, and they're closing schools and laying people off in record numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but I like humans too-working, educated ones. It's about priorities.

It may be the law, but that doesn't mean it's right.


quesha said...

@prince, u don't change the laws by willingly breaking them. that is just saying to ppl, "lock me up plz." if the laws are absurd, im sorry, it doesn't give ppl the right to break them. and i cannot get behind this man just becuz he is black and make it a black issue. he effed up, plain and simple. i mean, if he were doing everything thing right and then got hemmed up i, too would be pissed. why r folks so easy to give wrong ppl a pass?

are all infractions dismissable if they are not rape or murder? should we just free everybody based on feelings? what line is too much to cross? we have laws, don't break them. don't do illegal stuff.

i personally don't get caught up in stupid stuff. why is it that so many athletes keep getting caught up? could it be that they have a complex that they feel that they are better than the average person and can get away with crap? he might be richer, but he is no better. i still am not excusing him. i am tired of their entitlement complex. and everybody excusing them helps feed into their entitlement complex.

Anonymous said...

Well DONE My Brutha... WELL DONE !!!!!
1,000,000 % on Everything you said (Real Talk)
APPLAUDS until ECHOES Fades !!!!!

It's Your Boi - ELove

The Prince of Know Where? said...

@Quesha-You know I've much respect for you, but let me say this-Martin Luther King would disagree with you regarding changing laws by breaking them and so would Rosa Parks. Ghandi might take issue with you as well.

I'm not supporting MV nor am I equating him to either of the aforementioned freedom fighters-I'm simply addressing the statement you made about changing laws by breaking them.

Fighting dogs is dumb-but dogs fight whether we stick them in a ring together or not. And I'm not all that impressed with the U.S. legal system. It is as corrupt as the day is long and I'd almost go as far as to say that we are now creating them without regard to their long-term implication. The legal system in this country is now the arena the powerful use to out maneuver one another and keep the powerless powerless. Just like in the days of ancient Rome where you could buy absolution from the church, you can now buy laws that are created solely to give one group advantage over another-without any regard for justice.

Another thing you might want to consider-had it not been for MLK getting arrested countless amounts of times, you might not enjoy the freedoms you enjoy today. Again, I'm not comparing MV to MLK-I'm simply addressing a statement you made.

@ELove-thanks again for the acknowledgment.


quesha said...

@prince, u r absolutely right with those examples. i give that to u all day. no argument. those are ppl who were standing up for our civil right as a whole...trying to make things equal. trying to help black ppl break thru chains and oppression.

what kind of statement is MV making? who is he standing up for? is he breaking rules for the sake of changing them or the establishment? or is he a selfish, stupid MFer that got caught up?

controlled protest may change some rules. voting may change some rules. getting involved in the legal system may change some rules....but that what MV was doing? NO, NO, NO! he was being a dumb, typical n!gga and got caught up. ugh!!! i am so pissed that we allow this type of crap.

how are we gonna ever change as a race when we don't call stupid ppl stupid and say that you can't do that crap...i am so disgusted at summa these ppl who can do so much more and squander it. i hate them becuz they are the ppl that get spotlighted, instead of us lil ppl doing the right thing quietly.

i guess ima be the lone dissention on this. but dumb ppl should get no sympathy. they should learn from their mistakes and try again on the right path.

u got me all fired up. but i am leaving work good nite prince:)

Anonymous said...


The Prince of Know Where? said...

@Quesha-Sorry, didn't mean to get you all riled up-I agree with you about the dumbness but MV didn't spill toxic materials (Union Carbide and Exxon Valdez), he just fought some dogs and black people aren't homogenous-we're diverse. I might be contradicting myself here, but MV doesn't represent either one of us, nor should we feel obligated to carry the burdens of his sin. One thing I think both of us will agree on-we'll never eradicate stupidity-it's here to stay regardless of what color it manifests itself in. Using your logic white folks in general should feel responsible for GW Bush-but just as we shouldn't feel responsible for the actions of MV, they feel no responsibility for Bush's actions just because they share similar skin tones.

Now get some rest.


Anonymous said...

some of you ate dog balls lastnight, so don't crucify MV!!

IDC said...

That info was funny and deep Prince...Thats what I mean, As I watch the news, I cant believe the differences in attention and consequences when it comes to certain people. About the money and legal team, I hope they gave false info. However, being a person who as made some money and messed up even more money(not in the millions :( but I can relate, when your getting money you just think your gonna keep gettin it. When your spending money on people and things no one says "hey you sure you got it like that" I understand. My problem with it is, no talks about who went down with him, or at least show me some other dog fighters(killers) doin fed time and losing everything. I wish him the best, I hope he plays ball again. Be Aware People.

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