Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kelly Rowland Wildin Out

Kelly Rowland went into Diva-Mode on a commercial flight to Sydney.

They say Kelly Rowland and her entourage were on a Quantas airline flight to Sydney, Austrialia and decided to sit where ever they wanted and refused to turn off their cell phones when asked and got into a war of words with the cabin crew.

Kelly later told reporters,

"I found the flight attendants really shitty. I don't know why. You tell me.

"They were very rude to us. That's the first time you'll ever hear me say a curse word. They were just rude to us on the plane. They treated us like five-year-old kids."

Asked what sparked the incident she said, "I don't know. Every time I've flown Qantas it's always been fantastic. It was rather unpleasant."

A Qantas spokesman said it was important that all passengers followed the crew's instructions.