Saturday, July 31, 2010


Swizz and Alicia are married.

Montana Fishburne

Beatz and Keys Getting Married This Weekend?

Could be. Could be not. Who's to say?

Kanye West Got Diamond Implants

Where's The Money, Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather is being evicted from his Las Vegas offices for non-payment of rent.

Tiny and T.I. Plan 3 City Celebration

Details from T.I. and Tiny's wedding after the break.

Cat Fight Update

Merwin Mondesir says he is not gay and that he didn't say Khalil Kane was gay either. Khalil is still on blast though.

Maia Campbell Sighting

What's Maia Campbell been up to?

Same old, same old.

Elise Neal Says The Pussycat Dolls Ripped her Off

On Elise Neal's espisode of 'Life After' on TVOne, she talks about how the Pussycat Dolls ripped off her concept and stole her song for their first single.

video after the break.

Friday, July 30, 2010

T.I. and Tiny are Married

They did it earlier today at the court house in Miami.


Chris' new tattoo after the break.

Confirmation of Wyclef's Presidential Run?

That's the word.

Montana Fishburne Wanted to Pose for Playboy

Details From Foxy's Brawl

For real, for real? It sounds like Foxy Brown is either on drugs or needs to be.

On the Grind

Queen Creole is coming out with a new fragrance.

A Public Service Annoucement from P Diddy

Don't drink the pee pee.

On Blast

Actor Khalil Kain put on blast by gay co-star.

Things Haven’t Been the Same since he got Kicked off Grey's Anatomy

Actor Isaiah Washington is having money problems.

Montana Fishburn Launches Adult Film Career

Laurence Fishburne's 19 year old daughter Montana is starring in a hardcore porno.

Foxy Brown Beat Down

Fox Boogie was involved in a brawl last night.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Broke Housewife in Atlanta

Going broke must be a prerequisite to joining the Real Housewives franchise.

Aaron Hall Addreses the State of R&B

Form a Prayer Circle for Kelly Rowland

Poor child's cd got pushed back again.

Going Going Gone

Damon Dash's Tribeca loft sold at auction yesterday.

If the Slutty Shoe Fits

Swizz Beatz Russian baby mama Jahna Sebastian says she wasn't talking about Alicia Keys in her post about slutty singers with international acclaim who've won Grammys and broken up marriages with children involved.

Diddy Covers Vibe

fold-out cover after the break.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fire Sale

Facing an $11 million dollar tax bill, Chris Tucker is trying to unload his Florida estate for $4 million less than he paid for it.

pictures of the house after the break. 

The Reason Lisa Wu Left

Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell will only be featured on three episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season and we know why.

Fake Ass Michael Jackson Daughter

Diana Ross' sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee says the crazy girl who claims to be her daughter by Michael Jackson is a big fat liar.

Kanye's Cafeteria Concert

Facebook employees got treated to mini concert of tracks from Kanye West's new cd.

videos after the break. [Oh, yeah. Add me on Facebook]

She's Talking About You, Alicia

Swizz Beatz' Russian baby mama got a real slick mouth.

Don't Look for Nicki in Toronto

Like many rappers before her, Nicki Minaj was denied entry to Canada.

If Wy were President

Is Wyclef Jean planning to run for President of Haiti?

I Wanna Give a Shout Out to my Mama

Fox Boogie treats her court appearance like a red carpet event.

T.I. Not Talking About His Wedding

A local news station in Atlanta tried to ask T.I. about his pending nuptials and he got all Jay Z and Beyonce on them.

video after the break. 

Damon Dash in Foreclosure

It's time for Dame to make another Hov and fast.

Girls Night Out

Christina Milian and Serena Williams hanging out in Los Angeles the other night. Notice Christina's ditched her wedding ring.

More pictures after the break.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Foxy's Court House Drama

Foxy Brown appeared in court today to face charges that she'd violated the order of protection filed by her arch nemesis Arlene Raymond and, since nothing ever goes smoothly for Inga, you know there was some drama.

Whatever Happened to Calvin from 227?

He's in Los Angeles getting blunted.

video after the break.

Will Play Football for Food

Terrell Owens just signed a 1 year $2 million contract to play football for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Lauryn Hill Live in Rwanda

video after the break.

Is This Real Life?

A woman claiming to be Diana Ross' niece says Michael Jackson got her mother pregnant when he was 17 and that she's their love child. 

Gone till November

DMX got 90 days in the slammer.

Bravo Mad at Big Mouth Housewife

New Famewhore of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey's publicist jumped the gun and sent out a press release announcing the taping of Cynthia's wedding for an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Ne Ne Holds up the Wedding We're Not Supposed to Know About

Oh NeNe. Why must you be so self-centered?

Tension Between D Wade and King James?

Did you hear the rumors about Dwyane Wade getting fed up with LeBron James getting all the attention causing tension between the two?

When All Else Fails

do some ho shit. Kandi Burruss held a pole dancing class in her Atlanta clothing store Tags.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Was Puff's Daddy Murdered for being a Snitch?

There's an interesting article in Vibe Magazine [the one with Nicki Minaj on the cover] called 'The Mystery of Puff's Daddy' that investigates the death of  Diddy's father, Melvin Combs.

Hug it Out

Who is Chris Brown having a bromance with?

To Jail Again

DMX is headed back to the clink.

Depression over Janet Jackson Causes Jermaine Dupri to Lash Out?

That's the word.