Monday, January 24, 2011

Montana Fishburne Facing 120 Days in Jail

Back in September when Montana Fishburne checked herself into a treatment center [click here if you missed that] it was part of a plea deal to stave off a prison sentence after she was convicted of assault [click here if you missed that].

Well, five months into her treatment the prosecutor changed his mind about the deal...

From TMZ
Montana Fishburne's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed blistering legal papers in L.A. Wednesday, claiming last June, prosecutors who filed the assault case agreed to allow Montana to enter a rehab program for 90 days, and in return she'd get no jail time.

Holley says Montana, relying on the L.A. City Attorney's offer, entered a rehab facility, where she's been since September.

According to Holley, prosecutors did an about-face in November and told her they wanted Montana to serve 120 days in jail.

Now Holley has gone to the judge, asking her to enforce the deal her client relied on.

Montana has now decided to spend 180 days in the rehab facility.


Anonymous said...

Is there rehab centers for being an ungrateful ingrate hoe?

Anonymous said...

Wow photo shop and airbrush is a mufugga!

But for serious she really doesn't look too far from that without ps & ab she should get lazer surgery to get those zit scars off her ass permanently and probably some breast implants then she'd be good

I only suggest all that because she is a wanna be porn star

LMAO cuz i'm numba

Anonymous said...

who did she assault?
so she a rude gyal'?

LMAO cuz i'm numba 1

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can make "prison liquor" and share a bunk with fellow ho and comrade Kat Stacks..

Anonymous said...

Assault? Really? Why can't people take an ass whooping anymore?

Why does she have to spend 120 days in jail?

Anonymous said...

Okay so if Lindsey Lohans crack head ass can get away with all the bullshit she's done why does the Black woman have to go STRAIGHT to jail and not collect $200.00????

Anonymous said...

Was that a real deal or a preliminary agreement? How is the prosecuter changing the deal 60 days into sentence?

Bee Gee said...

Obviously, the initial deal was made so that the prosecution would get some ass in exchange for her freedom. When Monica showed up with the un-photoshopped moon crater ass, the deal hit this glitch..

Ingmar's Prophetess said...

Well, jail don't stop a hoe. That's the perfect place for her to make her porn movies.

"Lusty Lesbos in Lockup XXX".

NubianGoddez said...

Photo Shop you is a liar!! *flings coconut water in lieu of holy water*

@11:23 AM
I'm going to need you to not spoil lesbian porn by uttering such blasphemous musings on this spotted leopard ass fool in the porn viewing publics head. you almost ruined my love for gay porn. *shudders at that image*

Ingmar's Prophetess said...

@Sis Nubian - Didn't mean to ruin it for ya, LOL!

Anonymous said...


There must have been some real fucked up parenting on someone's part for a girl with the connections and money she has access to to turn out doing the stupid and nasty shit she's doing.

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