Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NeNe Leakes' Stepson Wants Reality Show Face Time

Real Housewife of Atlanta Gregg Leakes' son Damien Leakes wants to confront Gregg and NeNe about abandoning him and his other siblings on national television...

NeNe's stepson already put Gregg and NeNe on blast for abandoning Gregg's first family when they ran off together [click here if you missed that], and now he wants to confront NeNe and Gregg about it on television.

From Radar Online
Speaking exclusively to, Damian, 34, said NeNe and Gregg haven’t even acknowledged their five other children exist on the top-rated Bravo program.

“We are the forgotten side of the family. There’s so much talent with the kids he left behind,” Damian said.

“She knows us and she knows we have issues from about 15 years ago and it’s time to address them. She’s become a household name with our last name, but we’re non-existent.”

Gregg’s children include Damian and his twin brother Daryl, Katrina, 27; Dexter, 25; and Denton, 21.

“We need some closure,” Damian said. “We need to know what did we do to cause this? What did we do to get Gregg to say ‘I’m going to abandon this family! I’m not going to try to be your friend or work with you or understand!’ We knew she [NeNe] didn’t like us-- maybe he had too many kids. We didn’t know what her actual ordeal was.

“A TV show could be building process for Gregg and his kids because no one ever knew he had kids. There’s a lot of healing that needs to go on and a lot of animosity.”

For the last few seasons the only son who’s been featured on the hit reality show has been NeNe’s trouble-prone 20-year-old, Bryson, who has been arrested twice and, as exclusively revealed, is soon going to soon become a father.
Damian told that he and his siblings believe NeNe’s distance is related to her stepkids’ potential for spilling family secrets.

Damian said he first met NeNe at the gentleman’s club in near Atlanta where his father used to work.

“No one really knew about her stripper past. That alone was a selling point for her to say ‘get rid of them because they met me at the strip club,’ Damian said.

“A whole bunch of life-turning events have transpired from the moment [Gregg] met NeNe up until they started the show. They literally cut us off to keep us away from the limelight so we wouldn’t be able to tell anything.

“It’s crazy to see your dad on TV every week who you can’t have a simple conversation with. You’ve got five other kids that nobody knows about, grandkids that you don’t see or never seen before…we at first had to play the role like we agree with the situation, but we’re not with the situation. We feel like we should have a mention.”

The silent situation has gotten so bad that Gregg’s children want to capture their feelings during a family intervention on camera.

“I think [Nene] has a lot to do with the crumbling of our family,” Damian told

“We think of her as selfish and a center-of-attention freak. She wants all of the attention and this is before a camera ever got on her.

“We want to confront her and we want a camera crew. We want to see her expression when she has to explain to us this big void in our life because we could have been living well too. It’s not about the money, but we could have been living better than we were. We wouldn’t have had to struggle as much or try to make something out of nothing.”

Damian doesn’t know if NeNe is on board for another Housewives season, but if she returns Damian and his siblings will do more than just watch the show.

“If she remains on the show, we’re going to make our voices heard. And I don’t think she wants that, period. Because that opens up a whole can of worms.

“She’s ducking and dodging us like a bullet.”

Damian thinks a potential on-camera family intervention could have a number of positive outcomes.

“It could start the healing process for all the kids…and maybe that could build back the trust with NeNe and help her and Gregg get back together,” Damian said. “It could change him and her people, bring us all closer even if they decide to divorce, and finally break the ice and air it out.

“A lot of beautiful things can happen too in the midst of all the drama.”


Anonymous said...

I don't want this to sound like I'm judging Mr. Damien, but there's closure and then there's exposure. Seems to me like he would rather have the latter. If your primary concern is healing your family then that can be done behind closed doors. I know there are wounds that come along with situations like this, but what you're seeking is...well...ridiculous. Get some counseling and invite your dad to a session and if he refuses, move on. No one likes to hear people just complain if they aren't getting money for it.

Anonymous said...

these men today are sounding like real pu@@ies,man up nicca, your 35!!!

shaqua said...

Well said 9:45pm. So eloquently put. Now let me rewind and give RWS the remix. Damien, you & your siblings are a bunch of grown ass folks. We know NeNe ain't a saint, but this is seems like an issue you need to take up with your Daddy and preferably behind closed doors. I swear if any of you have done anything productive with your own lives, you'd be the ones ashamed of their asses putting all their biz on tv. That is all.

RihannaStan said...

This reminds me of Luke's kids posting those videos on the internet. Like others have said, this should not be done in the public eye. If Gregg was that bad of a father, I'm sure that karma will get him in the end.

NubianGoddez said...

@There’s so much talent with the kids he left behind. I beg to differ muthafukka, please
n*gga take yourself and your raggedy ass siblings and sit down somewhere. ain't nobody trying to see another bunch of talentless hacks, cooning in no damn reality drama. WTF ever happened to going back to school, getting a damn trade of education, getting a job or starting your own business. why do these muthafukka's think the public want to see their asses acting a damn fool? I hate the person who keeps putting out these idiotic reality shows, because every damn fool and their momma think they should be on tv. ugh!!! what kind of drugs and alcohol were these parents doing to spawn retards like this ugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of Nene and her top-hat-weave, right along with that Uncle Ben looking husband of hers.
It's time to dismiss this phuckery of a couple.

Bee Gee said...

I can't get over how she let somebody give her the Humpty from Digital Underground nose.

Anonymous said...

There’s so much talent with the kids he left behind,” Damian said...aka CHA CHING.

Anonymous said...


CLASSY RAT said...

LMAO!! @Bee Gee

Anonymous said...

Damien..grow the fuck up. My dad walked out of my life when i was 12. I'm 34 now. He's a millionaire in St. Paul. He sings and I sing. My career hasn't taken off like his but do u see me trying to run to a damn tv station wanting to tell the world how my dad is a constant fuck-up? No. Actually, I'm quite ashamed at the fact that he can stand in front of a pulpit amongst thousands of people and act like he doesn't have a child(adult) who looks just like him. I've accepted the fact that he's a deadbeat living off of his tithers. Greg-scared-of-NeNe ass is gonna get his. I guarantee you he's living a life of misery. Any man that lets a woman run over his ass like she does is definitely a wimp and why would you want that as a father. We should learn from our parents mistakes to assure that we will not walk that same path. Money hungry Bastard. And by the way, that son of a bitch daddy of mine didnt send me nothing for my birthday. hehehe

Anonymous said...

In the famous words of huh I don't know *NIGGA PLEASE*

Anonymous said...

Self imposed slavery, er ting up fo sale

Anonymous said...

As usually there are a much of insenitive mean and homewrecking women/ men on here. These children do not need anyone permission to vent or to tell there side of the story. Now NeNe is divorcing Gregg just like an oversexed gold-digger would do when he is tried of his azz he left his whole entire family for her. It does not matter if his children are grown now pain is pain. If so many children where trying to be grown and so many adults were trying to be children maybe would be a society that has respect for family and other people painful experiences. This is what happen when you do someone wrong with the false belief that all things stay hidden. What you do in the dark come out in the light and all the people that you have done wrong has a right to there say and actions just as you did.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a grown man who is a fame whore... keep it movin

Stewstrong said...

Damien, why are you blaming NeNe and not your father? I'm not taking sides but it is clearly evident that your father has a mind of his own and no one can stop a man from picking up a phone. It seems that you are angry that you're not in the spotlight (requesting a camera crew for yourself and a TV show for Gregg and his kids) KIDS??!! How old are you? I'm no big NeNe fan but I'm also not hating either.

Anonymous said...

NeNe is a big gorillia lookin IGNORANT ass she-bitch who makes black women look bad.
Go on TV and expose the itch.

Anonymous said...

DUDE, nene is not your mother(right) jump in his ass!!!!! we always want to blamethe wrong person b/c it's the esiest thing to do. he's the one you have the beef with.....i'm sure every time he wanted to call u guys she didn't say put the damn phone down (you need the show down with him and then keep it movin'. good luck!

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