Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clifton Powell Comes for Spike Lee

Actor Clifton Powell was asked on the Russ Parr Morning Show what he thought about the feud between Spike Lee and Tyler Perry and let's just say Clifton was decidedly #TeamPerry...

Clifton tells Russ
"To be honest, I don’t like Spike Lee. Spike is worse than any one of the mans. Because back in the day…and I hope Spike is listening cause I’ll beat your punk ass. I don’t like Spike. I have never said it publicly out, but Spike is a hater. He was doing all these movies, Sam and all these guys know he’s a hater. He kept all the money, there was lawsuits against him. I shouldn’t have said it like this, but I’m going to tell you the truth. I’m from the streets and you got to take care of your people…Spike needs to go sit his punk ass down and stop talking about Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry was homeless about 10, 12 years ago and Spike wasn’t writing him no checks. I don’t like Spike Lee because I don’t like his politics as it pertains to how he deals with African-Americans. I auditioned for Spike several times, he kept all of us waiting for hours. It was insulting, he made people fly across country, pay for themselves and come to auditions. Spike is the worst and he needs to go sit his punk ass down!”

He has never hired me, I don’t really care, because I would never want to work with him. Tyler has found his genre. The problem with being African-American in film as a producer, you have to be so worried about stepping on toes. We have just a few outlets in terms of the dimensions we are as a people. We zero in because there are not enough dimensions of what we do.”