Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Projections From The Throne

'Watch the Throne' is expected to sell between 400 and 500k in it's first week. 'Watch the Throne' was released digitally Monday night at midnight and will be available in stores August 12th.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and 300k are on Jiggaboo's computer....

Samuel L. Blackson said...

Still not feeling Otis

Anonymous said...

LMAO @2:30 NO! iTunes only allows for one download per computer. This is obviously number fudging, the same thing Mrs. Camel did wit 4lop.

Anonymous said...

2 industry whores who have sold their souls for fame & fortune. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Anonymous said...

@2:32pm I'm the first 2:30 and I stand corrected!

Anonymous said...

HSK has the entire thing up for free..please

Ravishing Bookworm said...

This is how ALL albums would sell if it werent for illegal downloads. Rihanna's album, Loud, was the most illegally downloaded album of last year. Im sure she couldve cracked 500k if it wasnt for that.

Ravishing Bookworm said...

Putting out the digital copy before the physical was a smart move.

Anonymous said...

Was 500K in the states alone or worldwide?

That's a big difference as well?

It want sell half of that when it comes out on the 12th

Anonymous said...

So...I guess it's platinum, right? #shade #fuzzymath

Anonymous said...

*SMOKE&MIRRIORS* We are a country of bandwagoners and if they can make you think everyone else is buying this hot garbage(by inflating sale numbers) then chances are you're going to buy it as well (thus jumping on the bandwagon) but they wont get a dime of my 9-5 salary since they like to brag so much about their millions.

Cosign 2:36 and dont forget they soldOUT their community as well.

The Real Fedup said...

Oh please.....THIS IS A FLOP! Everyone is ragging on these gay thundercats! The shit is wack and the look is very denomic!

HIP HOP is not these two...they are HIP POP rapping about bullshit.

dreadee said...

(Martin voice) Naw, I ain't gon be able to do it...

Anonymous said...

So Shawn and his bottom bitch are making all this history with this Toilet album; no leaks, big sales, etc.? Umm hmm yall need more ppl!

Anonymous said...

The "kingdom" will collapse if and when they attempt to go on tour. Next thing you know, they'll come up with some lie about creative differences. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

Who has actually purchased the album and listened to the lyrics in each song?

Those are the people that I want to talk to.

I've never been a fan of Jay-Z's music. Although he does have skills, I've never purchased a single Jay-Z album. I've always been a fan of Kanye's music though.

I was less than impressed with the first single released, H.A.M.. Although I knew that something was up with that acronym choice, I had absolutely no intentions on buying this CD. I'm glad that I did. I was pleasantly surprised.

On another note, it's a damn shame when you have to sneak up on slaves to free them for fear that they will turn on you for freeing them instead of turning on their master.

Anonymous said...

I wish this toliet fuckery would end already. Who are going to buy this hot mess besides Beyonce, Tina, Kelly, Jay, Kayne, abd the label please tell me.

Samuel L. Blackson said...

I dont buy music to "listen" to lyrics. I dont buy music period.I download music so I can drown out the overbearing realization that I wont make it to the top 5 and one of these azzhats will.

Anonymous said...

My name is not Beyonce, Tina, Kelly, Jay, or "Kayne" and I darn sure don't work for the label, but I bought it. 5500 other people bought the deluxe version (#1 album on iTunes) and 1300 bought the regular version (#3 album on iTunes) on iTunes for sure and those numbers come from the people that chose to post a review.
So if they're paying people to make up these numbers, then they need to hurry up and send me my reimbursement check.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem....people don't listen to lyrics, but have plenty of complaints about music.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to 4:39 for paying for Kayzee's next European trip. Sure won't be me!

Anonymous said...

@4:49 5500+1300=6800+another3500 or so that dont write reviews...ok I'll round them to a good 10,000 albums sold. Now that I can believe LMAO!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 4:29--- the ppl purchasing this "braggery" will be the drones that don't mind lining the pockets of these two greedy punks. I mean, they don't even try to hide their materialism and worship of the (formerly) almighty dollar. What kind of level-headed person fashions himself as some king of God or ruler anyway? So what are we? His servants?
To hell with that. Us grown folks know better.

Anonymous said...

4:39 just paid for one months lease payment on Jay-Z's maybach and a lacefront for Beyaki.

Anonymous said...

Dead @ 5:14!

Anonymous said...

YES I bought the album although not one song has grew on me! Jay's songs usually grow on me quick, yall cant deny his wordplay is sick. I think his best work is probably behind him (In My Lifetime, Vol. 2-Hard Knock Life, The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, The Blueprint, and The Black Album are my favs!) Never been a fan of Kanye tho.

Anonymous said...

5:14 I cant LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone in here make their own clothing, grow their own food, keep their money under the mattress instead of the bank, have their own oil reserves for gas, never watch TV, never purchase a computer/cell phone, file for sovereignty to be exempt from paying taxes that fund illegal wars and pay for police domestic terrorism, etc?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:25 - After listening to the album and aside from the materialistic, egotistical nonsense, did you notice any messages?

Anonymous said...

I just wanna know how are they "the throne" when Eminem shits on both of them LYRICALLY and SALES WISE....ok I'll wait for answer...lets be honest, race aside Marshall is the true monarch.

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

My Lift Off Review:

Bey is actually giving me MJB tease with this.. Lol, seems Jayz only likes to work with either Beyonce or MJB these days. Like if it wasnt Bey, it would have been MJB lol. Track is pretty good, nothing amazing even with the Queen on it, I like the Beat tho.

LEFT OFF sounds like a reject from 4 but still pretty good nontheless. lol 3.8/5

Bey + The Production SAVED the hell out of this Record. Kanye & Jayz did HORRIBLE & Held back like they WANTED Bey to shine. Never have seen Rihanna Steal the Entire Track like the Queen Bey did with 'lift off'.

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

I think Bey's 4 could have EASILY Debuted Huge also with No Leaks & BETTER EXECUTION but It was & still is poorly managed. But still doing good given the circumstances. Cuz 4 is STILL Better than any Kanye & Jayz Album. Left Off sounds like a reject from 4 but still pretty good nontheless. lol

Beyonce is the best artist of this generation BY FAR point blank and stay mad haters, it's the truth. Her "4" album is the best album of her career, it's critical acclaim and it's worth her sweat & tears. Beyonce is in a lane all her own!, by herself and no one out can catch her!! That bar she raise the haters are going to stay mad and the lovers are going to continue to love. "4" is the truth. Grammy's 2012 will no doubt mark history for Beyonce again. Beyonce & (that Overrated) Adele will RULE the grammy's!! Beyonce will go down in the history books as a living musical legend of her generation.





I can only IMAGINE how JEALOUS YOUR FAVS must be right now that they will NEVER... EVER be able to crack out an album HALF as Amazing & Career Defining as 4!!


WHEN your FAVS??


1. 1+1 (4.5/5)
2. I Care (4.5/5)
3. I Miss You (5/5)
4. Best Thing I Never Had (4/5)
5. Party Ft Andre 3000 (4.5/5)
6. Rather Die Young (4/5)
7. Start Over (4.5/5)
8. Love On Top (5/5)
9. Countdown (5/5)
10. End Of Time (5/5)
11. I Was Here (5/5)
12. Run The World (4/5)

Lay up under Me
Scoolin life
Dance 4U




Anonymous said...

@5:40 its the same way Adele shits on hov's wife yet Bee gets all the undeserved press.

OT: I do not believe these numbers at all. I've done some street team work in the past and I can say there was ZERO buzz for this LP.

Sorry Jay the streetz were NOT watching!

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

Bey isn't the type to hop on rap hooks. Her voice is too big. I think "Lift Off" works, because the music is just as extravagant as her voice. In the documentary, Kanye said he wanted a Chaka Khan style chorus. Bey was the perfect choice.

Anonymous said...

CLIT FLEA HAVE A SEAT!!! No one cares about ur reviews nor ur lame links!!! GO LICK SOME CLIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce has a voice but there is no soul in it. Chaka Khan, MJB, JHud she is NOT!!!!!!!!!!

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

Metacritic Review Scores are in:


Watch the Throne: 71
4: 74



Anonymous said...


Bitch you need a lobotomy!

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

@ Anonymous said...

Beyonce has a voice but there is no soul in it. Chaka Khan, MJB, JHud she is NOT!!!!!!!!!!
5:49 PM

I beg to Differ, this is actually 100% FALSE

Beyonce can & often Does infact Implement SOUL & A Lot of the time, (& im talking ARETHA Soul) Beyonce can & will TAKE YOU TO CHURCH when she wants to!!


No she doesnt have the Most soul, Obviously but she DOES have it & actually MORE than that of Alicia Keys & Mariah Carey!!!!

Her very TONE is soulful, You can hear it in her Low Range/Vibrato, her G#5s, & even her HEAD VOICE of all places (RARE!!)

Im not saying that shes some CHURCH Singer (I would actually prefer she not be) But her voice is THE PERFECT BLEND, Not too Sharp, Too Heavy, Too Soft, Just PERFECT. She does have a country southern Sharp Twag to her voice but that is all balanced out by a Sultry, Husky, Sweet, Beautiful tone.

Heres just an Example but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH:


Lol, Sorry for rambling, I Love Beys Voice. :)

JayHova's Witness (CLIT FLEA) said...

Lol, @ Bey has "NO SOUL"



shawn said...

I actually like the album. I don't think that it will do well on the radio because its not as commercial as the other rap thats out. The production is great and the lyrics and not just the usual braggadocios crap that they have been known for as of late. It tells a story of where they've been, what they have been though and where they are now. In between they remind us of the struggle that the black community is going through and how little successful black people there are in powerful positions. New Day, Welcome to the Jungle, Murder to Excellence, and Made in America are all really good songs why they picked Otis and HAM as singles is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the million pre-orders?

len said...

RWS, Why didn't you post what Philly Mayor Nutter told black youth today?

Philadelphia mayor to black youth: ‘You have damaged your own race’


(youtube video of Nutter's remarks are in the link below)


If Obama talked that tough(real), I might have more respect for him.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:40 PM
I agree, Obama says way too much of NOTHING, and had too many empty threats and zero assertiveness, he's always trying to be somebody's friend/peace-maker when he clearly sees Republicans/Congress/tea party are out to destroy him,
since it's so obvious they're out to ruin him, he mine-as-well start speaking his mind and talking sh*t like they do, why not, what does he have to lose, he's not popular anymore for his politics so why not become popular for being REAL and saying the truth?

he already lost me by being BFF with the fake carter-knowles and stopping banks from giving students private loans really screwed me in my last semester, so for me Obama is a wash, but if e stops playing mister nice guy I might care again.

Anonymous said...

Camel Z can fudge the numbers all he wants to increase his played out hype so he gain public interest, but fudged numbers aren't going to save him from LiveNation when they see they made a bad deal with his old no stage presence having ass.

He can't keep using that LiveNation $150 million to buy his own sh*t and his fake wife's whack sh*t,
and who knows how long Rihanna is going to be able to keep spitting out albums and tours before she says F*ck JZ.

Anonymous said...


I just purchased a big tub of a variety of seeds. I am learning gardening tips and food preservation. I've been saving rain water and using a water purifier and storing the water in empty bottles we use. I'm also looking to buy a couple of drums so I can fill them up with gas. I would really love to acquire some solar-powered generators but the only way I'll get it is to go into debt via a credit card and....that's not happening.

OT: No comment.

Anonymous said...

@11:03 and 5:27, more power to you, but y'all in the wrong room with these folks!

I can't wait until both of these clowns are knocked off the throne.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:47pm

Anonymous said...

You people do realize it's just music right? I think people expect to much from entertainers,if they don't do nothing for you,then find someone else who does,it's not that serious.

Anonymous said...

@11:03pm I hope those seeds are Heirloom because if they are Monsanto GMO--you'll be in a world of hurt.

Anonymous said...

i actually got the album tuesday morning off iTunes and I really wasnt expecting it to be to good. It actually is worth the money unlike the majority of rap out these days. I'm no stan but I give credit to Kanye he makes great music, you can say what you want about them being this and that (hell i think they both on some demonic shit from time to time) but the Album is actually dope. The song Murder to Excellence is by far the best rap song of the year imo, glad to hear them take it back to a small element of black pride.

Anonymous said...

congraduations to Mr big lip and Mr big head! YAY!

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