Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dennis Rodman Hooked on Heroin?

Yesterday news spread that Dennis Rodman was requesting his $50k a month child support order be slashed on the grounds he was broke and too sick to work [click here if you missed that].

Apparently that's not Dennis' only problem.

One of his jump-offs claims Dennis passed out cold in the front seat of her car after injecting heroin in his arm a few weeks ago...

After meeting Dennis at a stop light in Hollywood, Fla, Jenna Coffman, 23, claims the 50-year-old wild man jumped in her car stuck a needle in his arm, shot up and then passed out cold in the front seat.

From The National Enquirer
Rodman climbed into the front passenger seat of her Lincoln Navigator, then started rummaging around in a satchel he carrying, said Jenna. "He was handing me stuff - cigars, dollar bills, and suddenly, I was holding a plastic bag with three hypodermic needles filled with a clear liquid," she said. "Dennis took one of the needles and rolled up his sleeve. He said, 'You will LOVE this sh*t! It's amazing!' He wanted me to try it. I was horrified! He stuck the needle into the inside of his elbow and pulled the plunger out. I saw blood flow into the tube, and then he injected the liquid. I've seen a person inject heroin before, and I'm sure that's what it was from his reaction. He began to cough violently, and then he passed out cold!" To make matters worse, Rodman smelled like a street bum, she said. "He stank of alcohol and urine," Jenna recalled. " He was snoring away, and I drove home to drop off my son. While I was inside, he woke up and walked into my house. He used the bathroom and shuffled out again."