Friday, March 30, 2012

Jaleel White Denies Abusing Baby Mama

Two years ago Jaleel White got caught up after his baby mama accused him of attacking her [click here if you missed that]. Jaleel claimed it was just his baby moms trying to strong arm him for more child support and after an investigation no charges were filed [click here if you missed that].

Welp, since Jaleel is on the current cycle of Dancing with the Stars his baby mama figured this was an opportune time to dredge that shit back up again and she just sold an interview that appears in this weeks Star Magazine detailing her abuse.

Jaleel addresses the situation...

"The allegations made against me back in 2010 have suspiciously resurfaced in time to coincide with my new show on Syfy and Dancing With the Stars; Bridget Hardy has consistently shown a knack for timing throughout our child custody disputes."

"When you're doing well in life it's par for the course certain individuals will try and knock you down. When the individual is also the mother of your only child it is particularly hurtful. I have co-parented in peace and compliance with the law for over two years now."

"In the summer of 2010, my 11 month old daughter was taken to Seattle, Washington for what was supposed to have been a planned vacation and as Ms. Hardy declared herself in her recent exclusive interview, she told me emphatically, 'I'm done.' Our relationship came to an end.”

"Ms. Hardy has lived in the greater Los Angeles area for over eight years. My daughter was born in California and, thanks to our judicial process, my daughter remains a California resident. Up until now, we have had a workable joint custody arrangement.

"As much as I would love to go detail for detail refuting Ms. Hardy's claims about the specifics of what was our relationship, the family court judge made it very clear to me any public discussion of our case and ordeal would be held against me in a court of law. Ms. Hardy's attempts at greater sums of money above and beyond child support have continued now for two years. And I guess my most recent successes have been too much for her to stomach. I'm assuming I have not received her votes these past Monday nights. “

"My only hope is that when my daughter Googles her parents one day in her future, she sees that her father acted with class and dignity when pressed to the fire. Bridget Hardy is the mother of my only daughter in this world and without Ms. Hardy I would not have the treasure that is my daughter. God knows the truth, the authorities swift dismissal of her police report are 2 years in my past. I ask for your sensitivity during this time, I can assure all of my fans this is only residue from a child custody matter."