Monday, March 26, 2012

Naomi Campbell Named in Vlad's Divorce

Naomi Campbell's billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin's estranged wife Ekaterina is blaming Naomi for their divorce after 24 years of marriage...

From The Daily Mail
Supermodel Naomi Campbell is to be dragged into her billionaire boyfriend’s messy divorce case.

Vladimir Doronin’s estranged wife Ekaterina is planning to cite his relationship with Naomi, 41, as the reason for the end of her marriage.

Naomi might be one step closer to marrying the Russian, but sources close to the couple say she is devastated because Vladimir and Ekaterina had been separated for ten years before she started dating him in 2008.

He had a seven year long relationship with another woman before he met Naomi.

‘Naomi is pleased that Ekaterina has finally agreed to give Vladimir a divorce, but she is upset she is planning on blaming her for the marriage breakdown. She is no home-wrecker,’ says a friend. ‘The truth is that Vladimir had been separated from her for a very long time when he and Naomi got together.’

Ekaterina has been married to 49-year-old property mogul Vladimir for 24 years and they have a daughter, Katia, 15. His wife is believed to want a substantial slice of his huge fortune.

Ekaterina has said of her husband’s romance: ‘It’s a ridiculous affair. Vladimir is married to me and we are still a couple. Naomi is deluding herself if she thinks she can take my husband.’