Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kanye West Slapped with Another Lawsuit

Just weeks after settling a copyright infringement suit filed against him by Chicago blues man Syl Johnson [click here if you missed that], Kanye West finds himself back in the crosshairs, this time by Thin Line Between Love and Hate singer Robert Poindexter...

Robert Poindexter claims Kanye sampled his song 'Trying Girls Out' for the 'Girls Girls Girls' remix that appeared on Yeezy's Freshmen Adjustment 2 mixtape.

A cleared version of Trying Out Girls was used for the official Girls Girls Girls track which appeared on Jay Z's The Blueprint, but Poindexeter wants to be compensated for the version that appeared on the remix as well.

Poindexter says he tried to settle the issue without going to court but Kanye refused to cooperate.

Poindexter is seeking $500,000 in damages.


Anonymous said...

Well, it comes with the territory.

Why don't you create your own music instead of "sampling" the work of others?

Anonymous said...

11:04 cosigning!!!!!

Komposure Slim said...

Sample based producing is an art form of its own and basically is what hip hop was born from. I agree he should be able to create his own music and thats exactly what you are doing when you sample. Sampling has made me a fan of so many older artist that would have long been forgotten so they should be honored that there music can be flipped into something new and not suing the shit out of people. But everybody has their own opnion.

Go here
You may find that your favorite song has been sampled from somewhere or that your favorite producer has been sampling..

9th wonder
J dill
jus blaze
dj paul and juicy j
mannie fresh
dr dre
list goes on and on.. on. anonanon nan.

Anonymous said...

Well everybody about to be sued if Poindexter gets damages from Kanye for a MIXTAPE that was given away.

Anonymous said...

Okay, enough is enough! It is evident that Kanye has spent so much time with the Knowles/Carter clan, that now he too is stealing and biting from other people.

jazzyphile said...

I just picked up the Complete Mythology box set(6 lps and 4 cds)by Sly Johnson (father of Selena Johnson) a 60's blusesman guitarist/singer who went soul. Check out "Is It Because I'm Black", a bonifide clacssic message song.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:12 you're stupid as FUCK.

Freshman Adjustment was a FREE mixtape. if the music is made without intent to profit then you can't sue the person sampling.

Common knowledge. Poindexter is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Mr. Poindexter, his suit is going to be thrown out because there was no money made from this track, it wasn't sold, it was a part of a free mixtape. Too bad, he must be facing financial troubles. You would think somebody in his camp (assuming there is a camp to speak of) would hip him to this large detail.


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